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Can HTC Legend compete with iPhone?

HTC Legend is the latest mobile phone offering from HTC. HTC has been manufacturing touchscreen mobile phones for years and these are some of the Apple manufacturers that have managed to reach them.

HTC Legend is an update to HTC's latest phone, HTC Hero's current version. In addition to a number of hardware improvements, HTC has also improved its device software and this new software is available to all current HTC Hero owners.

So let's look at the new THC legend:

The first thing that the HTC legend notices is that it has a full unibody metal cover. This is very similar to Apple's original iPhone. This whole metal case is great because you never have to worry about dropping your phone or accidentally sitting on it.

Another advantage of this type of casing is that all internal parts of the phone are easily accessed by removing the single captive case at the bottom of the device. This gives you access to the battery, SIM card, and all antennas. If you've ever tried to change the battery on one of your older touchscreen phones, that would be a welcome surprise.

Another development that will surely see other mobile phone companies, HTC is an optical trackball instead of a traditional trackball. Trackball is usually used to change home screens and otherwise navigate around the phone. The problem with these trackballs is that dirt or dirt can penetrate them and prevent work as effective work. The optical trackball is more than just a "virtual trackball". He senses the movement of his finger and is surprisingly sensitive.

One of the best new features is FriendFeed. If you want to chat with your friends on social networking sites, such as Twitter, Facebook and Flickr, you will love this feature. Basically, you combine all the community sites into one place so you do not have to jump over each other so you can continuously check your health checkups.

Another great thing about HTC Legend is the camera. Compared to most mobile phones, Legend can produce bright, sharp and clear images. Even in the dark, the pictures are still very good. This feature is that HTC is constantly working hard to keep improving.

HTC Legend's computer connectivity is very well implemented. It uses a Micro-USB port, so it must be compatible with all other Micro-USB devices. This is a welcome relief when using a mobile phone that uses specific connection ports.

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