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HTC Hero Upgrade – The HTC Legend Android phone

For the success of the popular HTC Hero, the manufacturer has launched an enhanced model to launch the design, and the new HTC Legend offers a number of similar models in previous models, though Legenda is more than just the eye.

The HTC Legend still has a 5.0 megapixel camera with a LED flash and autofocus as well as a good multimedia player with FM radio and all important 3.5mm audio connectors for standard headphones although these features is now similar to Google Nexus One.

The main body is made of an aluminum with a robust unit, slots filled with plastic bumpers that carry important communication technologies, such as GPS and Wi-Fi aerials (obviously, do not do the aluminum casing). These fenders are matte black, which looks great against the main silvery body of the phone.

The Android 2.1 operating system, HTC Legend, offers the same features as Nexus One and HTC's own branded Desire handset, which is essentially a replicate version of Google Sense User Interface and Flash support.

HTC Legend is a 600 MHz Qualcomm processor that can easily complete a huge range of Android applications, download more entertainment and tools from Android Market, which is swirling with new applications every day.

Unlike the previous HTC Hero, the new Legend handheld replaces the trackball navigation key for a new optical device, which would appeal to many Hero users who from time to time found that the trackball was gone and some had to be replaced.

HTC Legend is set to HTC Desire and a newly arrived HTC HD Mini, the latter being a new, reduced version of the HD2 model that switched the huge 4.3-inch touch screen to a smaller 3.2-inch display.

All three new HTC phones are available on April 12, 2010. HD Mini is the cheapest crew, and Legend is behind it, and Desire requires the highest price tag. However, HTC Desire offers a larger 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen on the Google Nexus One.

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