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HTC Hero's triumph introduced the new Android Smart Legend!

HTC back and bigger than ever! Following the victory of HTC Hero, the new Android smart Legend was introduced; high definition AMOLED display, 3G network and Wi Fi connectivity, a very useful social networking tool with dedicated social networking and Twitter clients. Has HTC Legend introduced a shock wave through the mobile communications industry, but will still impress and handle the outstanding appearance of the year?

This elegantly alloy alloy device with stable and absolute legs under the thumb is a stylish look to the HTC design team who tried to catch the future with this small number. The beautiful 3.2 "HVGA touch screen is very light and robust in color; this is capacitive, which means that you have a multi-touch function that allows faster typing and interface navigation. HTC chose the Android 2.1 operating system to allow the platform there their own HTC Sense technology to provide the overlay; the Sense User Interface Legend is so great that you can imagine a clown in a tuxedo for a moment and then get accurate reflection on the appearance of a smart UI that is professional, yet personal.

The phone encloses a 600 MHz processor under the headset that contains a perforation, transmits fluidly through the pages, and there is no place for stuttering or stoppage; This fluency occurs through all phone features, including a highly competent browser, regardless of whether or not you use the secured 3G network or Wi-Fi technology that provides quick connectivity and a pleasant browsing experience. The FriendStream dedicated social networking center makes running multiple network accounts quick and easy, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr sites are supported by Facebook's full integration, and Twitter has its own Peep. Legend has been strengthened by YouTube's compatibility with video sharing and email integration, enabling you to manage multiple accounts and check inboxes.

HTC has uploaded Legend to the multimedia features at the links mentioned above on YouTube, the FM radio tuner and the Music Player fulfill all the music needs while the video player can play many different file types with high resolution will be slimming. Adobe Flash supports pre-installed Bluetooth technology that allows wireless connectivity with other phones and compatible devices, as well as a microSD slot that allows upgrading of 32GB of storage. The Google-based operating system includes a number of Google motives, including Google Maps for navigation-shy customers, and full access to Android Market, which means you can access the thousands of apps you've added to your collection.

Legend tells everything you can count on and more; the advanced technology with stunning AMOLED display and futuristic design makes the highly desirable Smartphone package. There are plenty of ways to customize and you'll never be bored with the game on the Android market. Social network integration and email compatibility means that the phone is very accessible to the messaging crowd and because of the professional operation of HTC Legend, it does not mean that it is inappropriate in the office. Well done HTC!

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