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HTC Legend – beauty, performance and mobile perfection

If you're looking for a touch-screen mobile phone that exemplifies beauty, performance, and mobile perfection, you'll find these features in HTC Legend. Taking a look at the mobile touchscreen phone, it will never look like another mobile phone.

Beautiful display

With a 3.2-inch capacitive AMOLED display, you can only get rich and vibrant colors. We are capable of 320 x 480 pixel resolution, we only guarantee a mobile viewing experience. From videos to images, games applications, and browsing for video streaming, you'll be seduced with the Legend.

Design Features

A look at the Legendra, and you'll definitely notice the effort to look the way it looks. Much of the art has certainly been inserted into the mobile phone design. Regarding the intersection between modern sculpture and state-of-the-art mobile technology, Legend will certainly turn its head back.
The design of the phone design is nothing more than an artistic addition to design but more than design. The purpose of this curve is to provide users with complete comfort. Apart from the fact that the phone slides out of his hand.

Mobile Processing Performance

HTC Legend is not just about beauty; this is also about mobile processing performance. This mobile phone features a huge 600 MHz mobile processor, 384 MB of RAM and 512 MB of ROM. You can be sure Legend will never fade on you and hang you out.

Adding Personality

Legend is nothing but dull and monotonous mobile phone. Customize your phone according to your personality, mood and preferences. With this ability two Legend will not be the same. You can customize HTC Legend as you do.

Simple Access to Social Networks

Social Networks have become an integral part of our lives. This allows us to keep in touch with our friends and family members; allow us other forms of entertainment and allow you to see your mind around the world. Legend makes it easy to access popular social networks at any time, wherever they may be.

All the amazing features of your mobile phone can be found on this phone by HTC. HTC Legend gives you beauty, performance and mobile perfection.

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