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HTC Legend is about to join T-Mobile soon

T-Mobile, just two weeks after the launch of HTC Legend and Vodafone, only serves to build a mobile phone network.

One of the finest touch-sensitive hands in the segment, HTC Legend once again launched its market, this time with T-Mobile. After Vodafone and Orange, T-Mobile must have network operator 3 to pick up this handset.

Originally, this device was first detected with Vodafone a few weeks ago, followed by Orange. With T-Mobile, this device becomes more flexible for transactions, as more tariff packages are needed.

HTC Legend was created on the HTC line with Google Nexus One. The handset is also connected to the recently launched HTC Desire Android phone line. However, the HTC Legend is one step behind the model and easily fits into anyone's pocket with a 3.2-inch touch screen, compared to the 3.7-inch AMOLED Desire screen.

Both Legend and Desire, from HTC's house, have common features such as the latest Android OS v2.1, 5 megapixel camera flash, friend stream software etc. However, the most noticeable difference can be the HTC Legend's prospects, as it is very similar to HTC Hero.

T-Mobile, the third provider to pick up this handset, has recently stated that it is looking forward to seeing you in the near future. The organization plans to launch a SIM-free phone along with Pay As You Go, which will certainly make a smile on faces that are unwilling to contract.

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