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HTC Legend offers a comprehensive service package

HTC is renowned for today's best-selling smartphones. With devices such as Legend, it's easy to understand why. Key features, including touchscreen, 5 megapixel camera and Wi-Fi internet access, Legend offers appeal at all levels.

Legend has 384 MB of internal memory that stores data such as media files. This offers a good level of storage, but additional storage is easily achieved by inserting the memory card up to 32 GB into the micro SD card slot. This storage level matches most digital music collections. The internal phonebook can store seemingly unlimited number of contacts and include the popular Photocall application that allows the photo to be assigned to each name. This will appear on the screen when that person calls.

Vibration and alarm alert users for incoming calls and messages. MP3 music files can be assigned as ring tones so users can listen to the selected song at any time when the phone rings. The hands-free system and the audio connector are pre-installed on the handset if you have different options for hands-free communication.

HTC Legend is not really a small phone that can be forgiven due to the size of the touchscreen. Its size is 112×56.3×11.5mm and its weight is 126 grams. Legend is an attractive unit made of a single aluminum and gives a unique, stylish look.

Legend uses a number of connectivity features to allow users to connect to both mobile networks and the Internet regardless of where they are. Both GPRS and Edge Version 10 provide the handset with the initial device for connecting to mobile networks in areas where there is little or no 3G coverage. In areas covered by 3G, the HSDPA connection provides access to the Internet at 7.2 megabytes per second (HSUPA 2 mega bytes per second). Wi-Fi uses the signals provided by wireless Internet routers to provide faster connectivity and a better web browsing experience. Bluetooth allows your phone to connect wirelessly to other compatible phones in the same area and the micro-USB connection allows you to connect the Legend directly to your computer, such as transferring media files.

The HTC Legend is equipped with a stunning 5 megapixel camera. This gives users the ability to create high-quality stills. The autofocus and the LED flash make it easy to take pictures regardless of the lighting conditions. The popular geographic tagging feature allows users to tag the location of the photo shoot and start another dimension to retrieve the past. Obviously, the camera can take a video that offers an alternative to making stills.

HTC Legend has devoted a lot of attention since its release and became a featured model of the manufacturer. This is not surprising as the phone finds everything.

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