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Unicorn legends – symbolism and reason

Unicorn is one of the most popular mythical creatures that exist in many cultures. In the West, the unicorn usually depicts a slender, white, beautiful horse with a spiral horn in the forehead. Unicorns are only shown with the pure heart according to legend, perhaps because we saw so few of us. Although the unicorn's behavior and appearance changed, depending on its location, it was generally insurmountable and wild in the West, while in the East it was gentle, peaceful, gentle, and said it was bringing good luck.

In the West, the unicorn was first mentioned by a Greek physician and historian of Persia and India, Ctesias, BC 398. He claimed that the unicorn lived in India. Ctesias described the creatures as "wild donkeys that are as big as a horse or even bigger, their heads dark red, their bodies white, their eyes deep blue, their foreheads long enough, about a meter long". the trumpet was called white on the base, dark brown or black in the middle, with red, sharp tip. People thought the horn had healing powers. In the Middle Ages, between glory and nobility, it became quite fashionable to have a unicorn horn drinking cup since the poison had to be recognized. The animal seems to be a mixture of Himalayan antelope, Indian rhinoceros and wild ass. In China, their unicorn is called Qilin or Chilin / Kilin. Chinese unicorn can be considered one of the four sacred deities: Qilin, Phoenix, Dragon and Tortoise. Qilin is a great force and wisdom creature. His appearance was always seen as good luck. The Chinese believe that Qilin will only appear when he is a wise and dear ruler or when these great leaders are waiting for death or birth.

In the West, unicorn is power, agility, endurance, wisdom, endurance, and playfulness. This is also hope, purity, grace, and love. While in China, this sacred creature is a symbol of luck, protection and wisdom.

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