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A guide to mobility for mopeds

Operating the mobility scooters

The mobility scooter operates in a way like a motorcycle or a bicycle, there are operators where they can sit and the mobility scooter will generally re-operate like a bicycle.


Drill tower is the top lifting column used to control a motorcycle such as a motorcycle. The steering gear moves in a direction away from the seat or in the distant direction for convenience so that the user can easily control the mobile scooter.

The Controls

The Key

The key to guiding the wagon is the key; This must be activated before the scooter will work at all.
If the beep is switched on when the mobile scooter is switched on, make sure the scooter is not in free wheel mode. If the scooter is, put the mobile scooter in drive mode and turn it on again.

Acceleration / Reversing Arm

If you look at the moving scooter handles, you'll see two teaspoon shovels. These strokes with which the mobility of the scooter move forward and back sometimes use these wigs that operate their thumbs with the thumb, so the scooter goes back and forth. Note that mobility is audible when you go back to alert others about your maneuver. (Each of the arms can move the bike forward and back, so if you use it with only one hand, this is not a problem).

Speed ​​Control

If you press the lever slightly, it moves very slowly, then pushes and moves faster. More importantly, there is a speed control dial that allows you to dictate the speed at which you want to travel and the blades can not move the scooter faster until you increase the speed controller speed. Steering / Road Switch

For some larger models, there is a switch that reduces speed, as it only has to run at 4km / h on the sidewalks and only switch between 6 and 8km when it is on the road.


You're doing a mobile scooter stop doing nothing. As soon as the wigwag stops, the brakes are automatically activated and the scooter is stopped slightly. This is the so-called passive braking and will work even if the electric power of the electric scooter ceases. This is the safest braking system and even stops the mobile scooter on a steep hill.
Some moped emergency brakes (most third-class scooters)


Every scooter comes with a free-wheel to make it easier to roll a scooter without any power; this will help you hook the scooter to a corner or a narrow passageway. This is usually found on the back of the scooter, which the scooter dealer must demonstrate.

The seat

Some people need to be more difficult to use than a wheelchair, especially when it comes to a fixed seat, but there are features to look for:
The 180 ° swivel seat is easy to swing, but make sure the chair is retracted to the "driving position".

How the steering control can be adjusted.

Slip seat height adjustable.

The arms that can be moved out of the way.

Lights and Indicators

Lights are not strictly necessary, but nightly safety features and flashing light are required when on the road or in white light in front and in red at the back.

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