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Hopi Legend – Maasaw, Jesus

The story of Maasaw (Masau & # 39; u) is a beautiful Hopi legend. It is described as a man or (kachina) who looked like a skeleton. This is similar to the "stick person" (alien) described by Elder Cherokee, John Red Hat, to visit. Elder Red Hat said the "predator" claimed to be his father. Maasaw gave hopi instructions and warnings about a lifestyle he wanted to follow. He said that if they follow the road they have a long and fruitful life. He wanted to be humble and live like a planting stick and seeds. He wanted to care for and respect the earth – they live in harmony.

Hopi lived and flourished for centuries. They lived in the community and cared for each other. They planted their crops and maintained themselves. The sacred rituals were executed daily and never delivered the Great Spirit. He was the embodiment of everyday life. Then came the white man with Christianity. The Hopi sacred lifestyle was trampled on and forced them to follow the Christian path – in a false way, by the Great Seducer, Satan. Now many Hopi have lost their wonderful, sacred culture and act as a means of materializing illusion for Christians who claim to follow Jesus, but not. See Luke 10: 25-28, and Jesus' other teachings in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, about how we wanted to live Jesus is very similar to Maasaw's instructions. Jesus said something that it would be better to put a millstone on his neck and suffocate than to offend one of the little ones. (Luke 17: 2) And again in Matt 23: 15 Jesus mentioned the hypocrites who directed the sea, land and attack, and the more children of hell converted than you! What have we done in the beautiful children of the Creator in this country of religious freedom? Maasaw told Hopi that he was the first and the last, similar to the Revelation where the Lord said that Alpha and Omega were the first and the last, the beginning and the end. See Rev. 21: 6.

May Maasaw be the spirit of Jesus. When we reach the unity with our heavenly Father, we seem to be part of Alpha and Omega – we have a true Muslim heart. We will be with him for all eternity, as part of the beginning and the end. What a wonderful, glorious thought!

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