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How to Create Multiple Web Applications

You heard Mobile is such a big deal now. 20% of internet traffic arrives via mobile devices. On the winning site, you need to convert traditional desktop-targeted web apps to fast, efficient multi-device applications.

Policies – Use HTML Language

1. Create content and structure: first you need to identify the content you want, and outline your data on Narrow and Wide View ports. Create content and style before designing a real site. You need to know the parts you need, the content is displayed on the parts and where to place it.

2 .. Create a Headline and a Form: The title line should be explained well. The headline is very sensitive to web design; able to build or destroy dreams. The address and request notification page is a critical component of the page. These should be immediately displayed to the user. The form must be simple – with the name (s) of the user (s), phone number, e-mail address, etc. Forms must also have labels and placeholders to make it easier for users to understand what they need to do.

3. Create a Video and Information section: This section will be a bit deeper. The products must list and include videos that show their products. Use "video control poster" = "video file name and location" A "Control" lets you easily view your video, while "Poster" displays preview of content

4. You can create images: Your site becomes more attractive with your photos, both Content Images and Stylish Images on your site. Content images are used to describe content and products, while stylistic images are used for the site's delight, that is, the background image. You may want to use some pictures on a page because too many can cause your site to be slow to load.We realize that people do not like wasting much time waiting for slow websites when thousands of sites are available [19659002] 5. Creating a Spreadsheet Part: products, the tables should only be used for tabular data, ie matrices of product information

6. Before submitting the content and any other necessary information, start your web applications with: – "doctype html" "Meta name =" viewport "Content =" width = device width, initial scales = 1.5 " "div id =" headline "," div id = "section1". Use this tag when creating the form; "form code =" post "id =" registration "after the title / header Do not forget to use these two symbols before and after labels

7. Create footer of your site footer to display information such as Production and Policy, Privacy, Limits of Liability, and Other Content that Must Not Be in the Main Section

8. Create the job and complete it. because in the near future, mobile devices will take over Internet traffic and now you can easily create multi-device applications.

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