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HTC Hero – a magical smart phone

Being bored with smartphone technology lovers and mobile gadget hackers will truly recognize your dream of being a magical phone. Here comes the third android mobile phone for mobile family-HTC Hero. This handset is the third Android mobile to release after the popular G1 and HTC Magic mobile phones. Today is the best Android phone, so everyone wants a piece.

HTC Hero is a global designer mobile phone launched by HTC Corporation. The 3.2-inch TFT LCD screen is a touch screen that allows you to do anything. This HTC really is a stylish phone with 3G technology. The design is made up of previous predecessors because its sexy touch screen and design are even finer. Its weight is 135 grams. This appliance is available in 2 color brown and white teflon coated covers.

This HTC Hero has many other features, such as a 5 megapixel camera with auto focus. This device also has a music player and video player that helps the user capture the moments of his family and friends. HTC 3.5 mm audio connector supports the audio industry. There is also an additional application known as Windows Media 9 and used as a media player. The user can download polyphonic ringtones, MP3s, games, and more. This device contains 288 MB of RAM and 512 MB of ROM memory that can be expanded by the micro SD card. Additionally, battery life with both time and standby time. This HTC is optimized for web and multimedia purposes. Applications like Adobe are also working on this device.

This HTC Hero has communication features that are especially beneficial for business people. This allows them to stay connected with their work. The special merit of the phone lies in simplifying the operating system as it facilitates the user. This phone does not require scrolling down to search for a particular name. You just need to enter some letters of the name and get the data for that name.

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