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HTC's own Nexus One & # 39; Release Date – HTC Desire

The new HTC Desire now has a confirmed release date as SIM Free and locked HTC phone, a competitor for the huge Google Nexus One (also manufactured by HTC).

HTC Desire is very much like physics and paper on the Nexus One Google phone, but HTC is also a popular Sense user interface in HTC HD, like the HTC HD, for smooth menus for navigation and application management.

Desire also has built-in Flash support, while the Android-operated Google Nexus One expects Adobe to support flash this summer. The features of both phones are very similar, both have a good 5.0 megapixel camera and a bright 3.7-inch AMOLED touch screen.

You can record high-quality HD (high definition) video and view high-resolution movies.

Like the Android 2.1 operating system, like Nexus One, HTC Desire supports Google Earth and provides access to many new applications through Android Market.

Other Google services include GoogleMail, GoogleTalk, and YouTube. It also supports GoogleGoggles, a handy app that lets you take a snapshot of your phone's camera to get instant image search on Google.

HTC is committed to preparing new phones along the Desire line, including the upcoming HTC HD Mini and HTC Legend, all of which launch at the same time.

HTC Desire as SIM Free Date released: April 12, 2010, it has been confirmed at a launch price of $ 439.99 although this may vary. HTC Legend and HTC HD Mini arrive at the same time as you request confirmation.

The SIM Free HTC Desire is a network locked mobile phone that allows you to use the Desire for monthly fees or pay for any of your network providers from your SIM card.

Price may be expensive, but I remember that there are no network subscriptions when purchasing free SIM phones, whatever network you are using and yours.

Networks are already talking about who supports HTC Desire, including T-Mobile and Orange, as well as Vodafone's confirmation of spending from early April to mid-April.

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