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Report Dragon and Phoenix Symbol in Feng Shui

In China, the dragon symbolizes the Emperor and the Empress is symbolized by the emperor. These two popular celestial bodies are a perfect pair in Feng Shui. The dragon is the Yang (or the male), and the phoenix represents the Yin (or the female). The dragon-phoenix symbol is hoping for the love and passion of the couple to end and to remain thick and thin together. This also ensures that the couple are blessed with both matriarch and patriarch's fortune and outstanding lifestyle.

Phoenix is ​​considered to be the goddess of every winged creature. This heavenly bird enriches prosperity, success and suitability. When alone (without the dragon), the "Yang" energy is given. It is believed that the Phoenix bird is capable of turning luck unluckily. According to Feng Shui masters, the location of Phoenix's location is located in the southern part of the house.

The dragon is one of the most popular mythological beings with a long and rich history. Nobody knows for sure whether this animal comes from, but many people think it was in the time of the Yellow Emperor. He was a snake on his coat of arms and each time he won a battle, he attached the symbol to his opponent's wristwatch. So we know that the dragon consists of a variety of creatures. In feng shui, dragon statues, paintings, or pictures are usually located in the eastern part of the house. Some Feng Shui masters also suggest that the dragon's image should not be too dazzling with its mouth, because it is widely open because it looks like a "hungry" dragon that can give bad energy.

The dragonhead in the dark, the living room greatly enhances patriarchal luck while placing the symbol in the southwest corner of the day, exalting the fortune of Matriarch and liking love and relationships too. If you are looking for good health, knowledge, performance, fame, power, progress, knowledge, and status for the whole family, then place it on the eastern part of the day. In politics, showbiz or longing for popularity and fame, place this symbol in the south corner of the house and light up the lights. Men and women looking for love and matrimony put the Dragon Fenoe symbol in the direction of the "nien yen" according to their number.

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