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The movie "I Am Legend" – lit the darkness

In the movie I Am Legend, Will Smith plays a man who lives in fear and solitude for three years. He wants to capture a biological catastrophe that seems to have eradicated all mankind except for himself. She borrows a lifestyle from Bob Marley's lifestyle: "Lighten up the darkness". You want to be so committed to Marley's being good or clear to the world.
One of the obvious spiritual themes of I Am Legend is Light vs Darkness. God has planned us to be seated from the light. Light means reconciliation, goodness, and purity. We stay in the light if we have nothing to hide. Even Jesus himself calls the light of the world. When we stay in the Light, we get a spiritual sight. When we live in Light, we live without any obstacles, which is why we want to be in the dark.

There are two people left in the movie: people of light and dark people. Will Smith is one of the few comrades who stayed in the world. But most are crazy zombies who only come out of the night because the sunlight burns and kills them.

The Bible says (and reaffirms the daily life) that we want to hide our shameful life in the dark. Obviously, we naturally hate Jesus Christ. We hate the Light because it opens our evil deeds for what they are.

Sin resembles the I Am Legend infection. Sin has destroyed mankind. Sin shows animals in animal experiments. Sin encourages people to be ashamed. Apart from God, people are made a slave of sin not to help destroy themselves and the world around them.

According to I Am Legend, most people on earth are able to be productive, but their infection forces them to kill their physical and mental facilities, destroy them and use them to infect others. Minority, light people are risking their lives in their attempts to rescue the dark people.

Towards the end of the film (Watch out for Plot spoilers!) Smith comes out of the cruel zombies as a Christian figure, lifting the blood to heal them if they only accept it. Smith is the culmination of Christ's parallel by selling blood and sacrificing himself to bring blood to other people. Smith is similar to Christ as he was the only person in the whole city who was immune to this secret infection.

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