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Dragon and Tiger in Chinese Culture and Feng Shui

Chinese astrology says the dragon and the tiger are extremely free companions. People sometimes love to associate these two celestial creatures by creating or depicting the yin-yang symbol, though some Chinese prefer to combine the dragon and the phoenix to symbolize yin yang. Both the tiger and the dragon are highly respected in Chinese culture. And there are still a lot of pictures of dragons and tigers that are combined with the walls of the churches.

The tiger, in conjunction with the dragon, represents the Yin energy (if it appears alone without the dragon, it represents Yang's energy). This infamous animal always represented the wonderful qualities of power and courage. In the Feng Shui, the tiger controls the direction of the West and its element is metal. The white tiger, which governs the western parts of every house, is a yin stock.

The dragon represents Yang's energy. It is regarded as a symbol of luck and luck for Chinese people. In China, this mythical animal is the emperor (especially the five karmic dragon) or the male symbol. In feng shui, the dragon controls the eastern direction (which is directly opposite the tiger) and is a component of the tree. The east is the location of the rising sun, this place is a yang place, so the dragon (mainly the green dragon) is the largest yang of feng shui animals. If you plan to grow a plant, then this is the place recommended by Feng Shui practitioners.

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