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How to Design a Banquet – A Guide to Designing Perfect Banks for a Company or Private Parties

For the first time, designers often suffer from total fear! Even those who plan over and over again continue to fear that something will go wrong and become ridiculous. We hope that the fear and the butterflies will be suppressed in the stomach through the entire project.

You need a lot of questions. First timers probably do not have the fastest questions to ask, so the first thing you should do is sketch them out for you.

Maybe the simplest way to fill out a form. (I like the forms!)
If you'd call me and ask me to help with a special event, the first thing I can do is get the blank form and fill it out over the phone. When I had all the information I had, it would have been better to help me.

Before you continue reading, you might want to print the banquet design sheet (PDF) from my website. So you can follow the design process next to the worksheet. I also had a pre-printed design plan that could help.

Let's start with fact finding.


The first question to ask the question is "What is the purpose of the event?" The question must be very simple, but perhaps this is the most important thing. The purpose of your event is to determine the agenda for your event.


To determine the calendar, specify the date of your event. Find potential conflicts. It will be difficult for people to dine on Saturday night if it is a three-day holiday. It would not be wise for a church to be social if a local school where most of your congregation was a part of a child opened an open house or played that night.

Pencil at a time, then try to think about possible conflicts. I know of an organization that has written a very popular and relatively expensive Jewish comic book to a club of a largely Jewish retired community. The attempts to sell the tickets failed to emerge because they did not realize that they were planning to appear as a Jewish holiday – a very expensive watch.


There are many decisive factors in creating the budget. First of all, how many are expected to participate? You may have a very good idea for a company party, but in some cases you might just have to make one "guesswork" until you get more information. Make the best possible estimate based on facts and proceed.


Another factor that determines before choosing a place is how much the participants pay. Of course, we can work differently: choose a place, pick up a band, choose a menu, etc. Let's sum up how much you spend and determine how much you have to pay for everyone, but you'll probably hurt it in the end.

If you expect 1000 people and $ 25,000 a person is acceptable, then the entire food, printing, entertainment, etc. budget of $ 25,000. If you expect only 20 people and you know they will not be able to come if they exceed $ 5.00, then you know much less.


Define the geographic area where the event takes place. If you live in a particular location, you can already know the various hotels, country clubs, restaurants or restaurants that can accommodate the group. If you do not live in the neighborhood, be sure to check the potential space before you seize it. If the event is in a remote city and it is not possible to travel there and the event is significant, I suggest you attend a professional meeting planner.

I once attended a banquet with a strange "50-malt-shop-type restaurant The party designer did not go there to look at the room where the party was, only a friend's voice was picked up, but it was a great restaurant, but their "room" on standing on every wall on standing stalls, the guests looked at different directions, it made it virtually impossible for the magician to offer to make the question even more confusing, not even a private room, the restaurant's customers did not reach the in the bathroom without disturbing the party, and the music of the '50s continued the ceiling speakers throughout the night, because it was piped throughout the restaurant and could not be isolated from a room. A visit could have prevented this nightmare in advance

ha not most, the facilities charge no fee for the use of the room, but rent the rent at the cost of the meal For example, in a 200-person example, a banquet facility would welcome a private room to sell 200 dinners.

You can usually choose a couple of dinners – maybe a chicken dinner with drinks, salad and dessert for $ 12.00 per person; or prime rib $ 18.00; or steak steak $ 25.00 per person. In our example, we charge $ 30.00 per person. Select the primary ribbon for $ 18.00.

Is there a tax and a tip? Oh, oh! Find out whether or not you may be surprised at the end of the night. Let's say no. 15% tip and 8% (or any) tax will make dinner for a total of $ 22.14 per person. Sampling budget requires $ 200 for $ 30.00 for $ 6,000. If all 200 people are involved, the dinner will cost $ 4,428. This leaves $ 1,572 for all other costs.

Otherwise, the facility may request a deposit and a guarantee. If you are guaranteed 200 people, you will have to pay 200 dinners, even if only 175 appear. Generally, an establishment is prepared to serve up to 10% more people than it guarantees. So it is worth guaranteeing a smaller number than you expect. Even those who told you they were definitely there, maybe even given you a deposit, do not show up for any reason.

Just to be safe, 200 people are guaranteed the 185-seat restaurant. If you pre-sell tickets, we recommend that you can set your estimate at your restaurant one or two days in advance, if necessary. Ask the facility about the requirements for changing the warranty.


The evening agenda is largely determined by the purpose of the event. A typical event so goes:

6:00 – 7:00 – Social or cocktail hour

7:00 – 8:00 – Dinner

8:00 – 8:15 – Meeting / Awards / Business [19659002] 8: 15-09: 00 – Entertainment / Speaker

9:00 – 9:10 – Raffle / Door Awards

9:10 – 1:00 – Dance

the facility both would like you to all when you really sit down to eat.In my experience, it almost all starts late, so plan for it and do not be disappointed when it happens

Is a cocktail hour? Hosted though it means drinks If you decide to receive a cocktail hour, then you are ready to spend $ 1200 on our 200-member group Most organized sponsored events have a "No-Host" bar where guests can buy their own drinks. the word "Hosted" or "No-Host" in the invitation.

during the winter hours, some form of entertainment is surely extra. The music of the facility can be introduced through the sound system, which of course is the most disadvantaged; but it was about $ 300 for live music. Most banquet facilities play piano, sometimes on wheels, and rent the piano or use it for free. The piano rental fee should be between $ 50 and $ 100 and a piano player anywhere from $ 150 to $ 250.

Other cocktail entertainment can include a chamber music, a jazz or "society" trombone, a harp or a walkthrough. A walking "close-up" magician who plays from group to group or table and table is always entertaining. Other entertaining forms of cocktail may include celebrity appearance, mechanical or traditional mimics, a balloon animal sculptor, a cartoonist, a graphologist, a palm scanner, a tarot card reader, a sticker, or anything else you may think! Again, the budget is the standard.


That's pretty simple. When Maitre & # 39; d says dinner is ready, rest your party!

In the vast majority of banquets there are people sitting on the table while everyone else is sitting where they want. If you decide to have a table, you will need to create small placemarks for those who are at the head of the table and do not forget to talk about carpentry arrangements on the facility.


Someone, maybe you, enter the microphone and indicate that dinner is ready and ask everyone to sit. When this is accomplished, your chairman or leader, everyone is happy to welcome you.

It is appropriate for banquets to have someone who is listening to the flag and then blessing the meal. People should not be asked for these tasks in a timely manner, but they must be asked in advance, and they must indicate their name and responsibility in the printed program, if any. After the celebration and the baptism of prayer, the Master of the Ceremonies (or the Head of Himself) must lead the people on the table, who have last been introduced.

If you need any type of business, it starts when the dessert is finished or at least served. Make sure your facility knows that you do not want to bid farewell (clear tables) or coffee after launching the program as this may become irritating distracting factor and get rid of enjoyment of the program


The opening remarks and / or you may be able to enter the main loudspeaker after some other business activity or entertain some form of entertainment.

This may be the brightest of times! There are many excellent after-dinner performers and loudspeakers. If you are really looking for a successful event, hire a professional. From $ 500 to $ 1,000, you can get some top quality entertainment.

What about the comic magician who uses one or two members in your group and the magic bits of business and audience participation – 30 or 40 minutes of non-stop laughter!

Or imagine … dessert was just being served and walking on Columbo Lieutenant Colonel, dressed in cigars … "Oh sorry," she says, "I'm looking for someone. All eyes twist to this familiar figure as he turns and starts to get out. – One more thing, this Walker party? Then in the next 30 minutes he makes a comedy routine in the style of Peter Falk, like Columbo Lt., with the names of the members of the group.

This laughter makes people silence their place. just a couple of suggestions, everyone likes to laugh and can make a good professional entertaining hero.

How do you find this fun? You are paying attention again to a well-meaning friend. a friend who jokes or plays in the bathroom can put a wet blanket in the evening if they do not meet their expectations.

Probably the best way to provide talent is to cooperate with a professional talent provider, special events Usually there is no service charge, recommendations and suggestions can be made based on your needs and within budget constraints

Some entertainment may have special requirements such as a stage, a spotlight , two microphones or something else, one of these items must be arranged with the device. It is possible to rent a rent.


After entertainment or main loudspeaker, you can only enter the prize winnings of the door or prize winnings. Perhaps this is an incentive for guests to stay up to the end.

If you sell raffle tickets, you must re-enter the budget. How many tickets do you expect to sell and how much money? Do you want to make a profit? Suppose you sell 100 tickets to the 200 people who are expected to come and sell them to the bank for $ 2. It gives you $ 200 to buy the prizes. You can do this in the general budget or you can appoint someone who will arrange all the rackets, including the purchase of prizes and ticket sales.


After the raffle, the official part of the program is actually over. Your men can now go home. If you chose a deejay or band, they can stay dancing.

The facility can upload a dance floor. Sometimes this is a portable dance floor that is placed directly on the carpet. The band pays $ 450 for every zone, but for four hours for $ 450. A small trio of keyboards, drums and guitars can be anywhere from $ 750 to $ 1,500.

The five-part band between $ 1,800 and $ 3,500, including a singer, is the average. If you rent a band, you can use one or more of the same musicians to have a cocktail hour and / or dinner for a small fee. You usually have to pay when renting the band. Anything more than four hours of playing time means overtime and talk to the orchestra or agent overtime when preparing the initial steps. Bands must hold a break of 10-15 minutes per hour. Ask the band to carry their music during breaks.


Sometimes you may want to play a DeeJay instead of a band. This has the advantage of hearing the original recording artist instead of releasing the dance band.

Another advantage is that most mobile DeeJay units will set up before dinner and offer the music you want to dinner, and of course DeeJay will not pause during the night so you will not listen to music at your event.

On a cost-based basis, there is not much difference between the three-dimensional band and DeeJay. Some DeeJays have full light output that some bands are doing, and even for a surcharge, this can be a real plus. I think that's just a taste. Some people cling to a live band, others are equally convincing of DeeJay.


There is no need for video taping except for historical goals. Rarely, the video cassette or DVD is repeatedly viewed after the event. Yeah, maybe a bar or Bat Mitzvah will look at her recruiting a year later when she is older and maybe even the bride and groom would watch a well-edited and compressed recording. However, a banquet from a company or organization will rarely be seen.

I would suggest renting a budget, instead of a professional photographer, leaving a guest or friend of a friend who only goes twice a year. The photographer may release the printout or CD containing the digital photos, in which case you can only print the photos you want.


Probably the most traumatic thing is that you might have planned the whole event, then no one came. If this is a corporate party, and food, entertainment, drinks and dancing all for free, I do not think you will have any problems until everyone knows when and where and is FREE.

But if that is not the case, you may have to support the event. After all the facts (WHAT, WHERE, WHERE, WHY, WHO, WHO, WHERE, WHERE, WHO, WHO, WHO, WHERE, WHERE, WHERE, WHERE, WHERE, WHERE, WHERE, If you do not, maybe you have someone in your group and can help you. Otherwise, you have to "harden" the way you want them and take it to a graph to get the "ready-to-do"

Layout, printing, envelopes, and postage cost everyone needs the budget. Of course, we can also support the event – rumors, more about how to distribute them. , billboards, telephone committees, club or corporate newsletters, posters If your event is open to people outside the organization, try other related groups, companies, schools, etc. use your own advertising channels. There is a "brainstorming session" with your committee, if you have one, to think in every way you can get the word out.

And do not forget if you want people to come to your business, them. Tell them and tell them and tell them. Use all available resources and do not hesitate to repeat yourself. The more you tell them the more you will be!


There are so many things to handle, as there are ways to promote the event. If you need to pre-fund the funds (which is usually the case) then it's good to get as much money as you can. Pre-sale tickets will help. Of course, the public needs to specify your needs and deadlines. It also helps you to ask how many people will be involved. Remember, there are still delays and additions to last moments, so stay flexible.


As mentioned earlier, most organizations only assign to the table and other participants need to stay there. Some groups insist on drawing pictures of tables on a sheet of paper, numbering them, and assigning people to specific tables.

I think there is much more work than is needed, but if so, then you have it. ] Some banquets, especially individuals or groups, offer full tables for "sale". 10 people on a table for $ 30 each means that for $ 300 someone could book a whole table. Be sure to place a "reserved" sign on the board with the host name.


When the facts are met, if the budget allows, a beautiful printed program can be placed to check each location for delivery or delivery of people upon arrival. It must include the evening agenda and credit for all those attending the event.

Many organizations successfully sold the ads in the program to protect printing costs or even raise extra money. I've made a $ 250 income below the income column of our example. Do not you think you could convince 10 people to give them their business card and pay $ 25 to advertise on the back of the program? Of course, this idea would be a bit sticky if the event celebrated the little Bobbie's 10th birthday. Use Your Best Thing


This can be a big deal or not – strictly to you. If you chose a beautiful place and this is not a special seasonal event like a Christmas or a Halloween party, why not just enjoy the decoration of the facility? If you feel you need decoration and have enough budgets, call the party decoration that uses balloons. They go very far without dressing the room without spending much money.

The center of each table looks good. You can ask someone to donate them, or have somebody to do something for each table. There are many options that make such a nice table layout that a central element is not required. Do not make money unnecessarily, but do not forget the better the environment, the better the memories or the event in the minds of the participants, which means you want to come to the next event!

Notice a Distinctive Career Major (19459003) is focusing on the centerpiece of the balls, and it is not the end but the designers of each party are going to go. Just relax, do it all and enjoy it! (Here's a secret: If you enjoy what you are doing, the people you are doing will enjoy it too!)

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