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HTC Desire – how good is this?

HTC is moving ahead with the introduction of HTC Desire, which has a better processor and screen than its previous release. The 1GHz processor is a competitor of any processor on the smartphone market nowadays for multitasking and allows you to access any faster application than you might have imagined. It is a welcome improvement, not just for HTC Legend, but for most other manufacturers.

The Android 2.1 operating system and HTC Sense user interface can be found on this phone so you can conveniently access the many features of your phone. All you have to do is take a pinch of zoom on the main screen, or just double-tap the Home button and quickly look at all your home screen, which can be up to seven. Just tap the desired screen and you are already on the road. Fully customize the startup screen of the week with the applications you are looking for.

HTC Desire really shines when it has an outstanding touchscreen at a 3.7-inch scale, which is larger than any other smartphone on the market, providing a lot of information with 480 x 800 pixels, very sharp with AMOLED technology behind the screen, which can be useful when you can read a lot of small web browsing and reading e-mails

The larger screen lets you easily use the touch screen QWERTY keyboard no matter what mode you are in, so you can minimize errors with this type of interface , so it's easier than ever to send a small email very quickly and you can see Word, Excel and Quick Office, and PowerPoint files with PDF files are easier to access PDF Reader than ever

People who experience the use of Android phones will not catch you k amazed at the user interface, which has four buttons – Hom e, Menu, Back and Search. The Search button is especially interesting as it will both search your phone and Google simultaneously. As you enter the search criteria, you will be selected for both as long as you do not leave Google in the event that the item you are looking for is not on your phone. This is the kind of intuitive interface you would be welcome to receive this smartphone.

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