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HTC Phones are the Best Smart Phones on the Market

Success story that put Taiwan's HTC company at the forefront of international smartphone mobile manufacturers in the world. The AdMob network reported that 35% of handsets sold on the global market are HTC Desire.

This list includes excellence from other mobile phone manufacturers such as Samsung Moment, Samsung Galaxy and HTC Tatoo. They are a demanding demand for Android-based phones in the market which proved to be a major blow to the biggest competition out of those that are on the Apple iPhone. When HTC Dream started, it is responsible for 92% of Android smartphone sales in the market. After a long time when many other devices joined HTC Dream, 22% of Motorola's total sales of Motorola Droid were up 22% of Android phones.

HTC Desire is a very powerful mobile phone and comes with the now-honored snap dragon processor with a speed of 1 GHz. It comes with a 5 megapixel camera, which LED flash has become legendary in the market. It has more RAM than some older computers on the market. It has 576 MB of SD RAM and has 512 MB of internal memory, which can of course be extended to huge databases with mini SD cards.

The company had problems and is still actually upgrading with Android ever more and more times and many times it really leaves many loyal consumers feeling cheated. He has lost a number of loyal users and has lost many potential buyers. But eventually, the situation has been handled and HTC is still one of the world's most popular mobile manufacturers. It has hit a huge hit against users of demographics and all types of users.

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