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Ben Peterson and Jimmy Polar discuss Dj Lighting and 165 Wentworth St Surry Hills

165 Wentworth St Surry Hills held many club days, salsa dance lessons, and comedy evenings. The location and location of the venue is the perfect venue for a night-time show, after work drinks or after dinner, in one of the smaller, intimate areas of the venue. This time around the club is under new control a whole new world of events and projects are being created.

Sasha Mukhin picked up Ben Peterson, the new owner of the site, to look at his future prospects as well as Jimmy Polar to talk about lighting and the loudspeaker.

Sasha: Why did you decide to buy the Mars Lounge?

Ben: Sydney needs more quality entertainment, renovating the place where we can become a live performance stage, world-class PA and lighting.

Sasha: What's your favorite place for the venue?

Ben: A hundred-year-old wooden stand on the spot.

Sasha: What did you do differently since you bought the site?

Ben: Built a stage with all new furniture, world class sound and lighting, a whole new entertainment program, including live music and performance including burlesque, art exhibitions and more.

Sasha: What is your future plan for the club?

Ben: Sydney's # 300 live music track.

Sasha: What can we expect from Tone in the near future?

Ben: Many international, album launches and special events come up. See .

Sasha: Is there anything else you want to advertise?

Ben: Everyone who mentions this article and purchases a drink on site will receive our food at half price on October 2010. (One person per day)

Sasha: Jimmy, tell us a bit about the sound and brightness of the venue.

Jimmy: This is a multi-format venue that delivers fantastic performances from dance parties to hip hop mcs to make funk, soul, jazz and electronic performances. The stage has a triple back send by the front of the big house (FOH). There are some wicked vocal boxes that are on the stage.

The main club system is unique and airplane. The passive three-way QMX mid / large boxes are located directly at the front of the stage and there are four double 15 "sockets under the stage for middle high boxes where at this point the DBX system processor handles the crossover to experiment with analog components, URE filter networks and old, stylish, soft and warm stereo compression with the 1970s URE replica Rane rotating DJ mixer, the mid-budget Soundcraft Ghost was chosen with beautiful preamplifiers and versatility

The main mix is ​​taken by a few BSS 31 tracks DJ features a pair of Technics turntables, Pioneer CDJ1000 and DJM800 mixers The lighting is an American DJ Triphase, four Lightmotion LED Parcans and a Lightmotion Sputnik moving head, while special occasions include Antari smoke and Lightmotion bubbles on the machine.

Sasha: [1945900] 5] Thank you Ben and Jimmy.

If you want to talk to us about lighting illumination and audio needs, please contact Julian Lacey at Lightsounds Projects at (02) 9789 1604 or at 0430 922 674 or at the e-mail address .

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