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Digital Sound – Using a laptop or computer as part of Mobile Disco

Many mobile disks have converted a traditional CD or Vinyl based system to a software-based system that usually runs on full-size computers or laptops. The basics of both systems are very similar, so it is not easy to make other DJs hear horror stories about their laptop overheating in the first dance of the wedding, or that the power of full-sized computers is halfway off. There are advantages and disadvantages to using both systems, but seriously whether they use a full-size computer or laptop for personal choice, convenience, budget, and space, and often find that the DJ criticized the opposition machine, never used it up the system they criticize! If possible, go to the DJ who is already using a system you want to use, nothing can sell more than you actually use !! On the disc, I saw Mobile DJ playing PCs, 39, and laptops for DJs and, in my opinion, neither more reliable nor better than the other, so it should only be a personal choice, not gossip or bouncing, making the decision with this point!

Is it trusted from a mobile disk computer or laptop?

Anyone who has ever encountered the Windows blue screen of death or worn out the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys on the keyboard is likely to dread the thinking of such a system as a platform for DJs! Essentially, a decent dedicated pc or laptop, with clean installation, high quality hard disk and reasonable amount of memory, comes to the forefront of the most common home computer settings that can simultaneously run multiple applications, penetrate viruses or spyware, and have a hard disk and registry database full of corrupt enteries and partially removed files.

The key to running the successful software-based DJ system is to purchase a dedicated pc / laptop for the task and run only the operating system and the DJ software and never let other applications run or even connect to the Internet. Thus, the installation is executable and clean and is largely free of defect, rarely has a corrupt file and will not get in or fall into several other applications. This advice is provided by DJs who have been using the software and computer for years and find that this DJ method is only as reliable as the traditional DJs' CDs; s.

Advantages of Using Your Laptop or Computer DJ

There are many advantages to converting the material into music files and using a PC or laptop for a DJ. The first is the most obvious, missed days when heavy CDs are loaded around CDs, most DJ collections easily convert to MP3 files and 80 grams – 200 GB hard drives. By switching to the software you get rid of this long search through hundreds of CD compilations to find the unimaginable track you want to know somewhere! With most DJ software, you can enter artist names or song titles and find them within seconds. Indeed, within 5 seconds, you can find and display a request – which is simply or not possible with a CD or a vinyl collection.

Another benefit of the software-based DJ system is the creation of playlists for frequently used tracks and the creation of playlists of different genres, such as a background music playlist, a dance music, a 70's, and one of the until the end of the night. Of course, the songs can be grouped and cataloged according to Genre, which also makes it easier to find the number of that era. Some DJ software allow you to group together tracks that share similar BPMs – DJ support.

Which DJ Software Should I Choose?

There are many different brands and types of DJ software, reducing your personal preference to what type you choose. It's always a good idea to look at discussions and conversations about DJ forums and, if possible, find a DJ who uses a system that is based on software that is interesting to you so you can actually play in the disco environment.

Some DJ software comes with a free trial that allows you to download and install the software on your system and try it for free for a specified time (usually 10 to 30 days). Depending on the software costs, various features may be available. Some Dj Software simply allows you to play and play music with 2 "players", others have more comprehensive features such as fade, pitch, and tempo control in a similar way to traditional CD and Vinyl record players, some of the more expensive software allows you to mix or add a USB controller that looks and works like a dual cd controller!

Do not forget that a service is worth it if you use it. Carefully consider what services you require and what you will be using for any use. It would not make sense to buy a Dj Software package that allows you to mix when a mobile dj, who rarely has the requirement to beat mix. In addition to the basic formatting of most software, you also have the ability to add and install add-ons that provide additional updates and services, so you should start with basic packages and then add new features when and when you need them.

My advice at this stage, if you're new to Software DJ, you have to download free trial of the various software available, try them for a limited time, then pick what's right for you, most comfortable to use.

Some DJ software that is currently popular and well-understood among mobile DJs: OTSDJ, DSSDJ and PCDJ

What kind of PCs should run the DJ software package

on a software package, it's time to consider what computer or laptop you are using. Contrary to rumors, you do not need the latest new pc or laptop to run the DJ Software successfully and you need a huge processor. Most DJ software is happy to run on a pentium 3 processor at a rate of 600 MHz or more, and the newer 1.2ghz + chips run the DJ software effortlessly without problems and without sweating. Try to buy as much memory as you can afford, ideally 512 MB of memory or at least 256 MB for most applications.

How Much I Need to Be: o)

A decent size hard drive is the next aspect. Keep in mind that the bigger the hard drive, the more individual numbers can be placed. An average music file broke through 192kbps, about 5MB, so the 100GB hard drive must have about 20,000 songs. However, if you increase the quality of the song in MP3 format, the file size is increased so the 320 kbps can be as large as 11MB, so the same 100GB capacity would only have 9,000 songs. Keep in mind that when developing hard disk capacity, we take into consideration the location of operating software, drivers, and DJ software. Of course, you can expand the capacity of your hard drive by connecting external hard drives to USB ports and being reliable. If possible, try using a system that runs USB2.0 or even firewalls, as they run at faster data rates than conventional USB1.1. Although many Dj does not have a problem with hard drives and sound cards older 1.1 systems.

Give a voice!

The use of high quality sound cards is indispensable! Many laptops and motherboards with a full-size computer are seldom adapted to sound quality, or full audio audio playback is planned. Consider installing a pci sound card into your computer, or invest in a high-quality USB external sound card if you want to choose a laptop. Most 2-channel sound cards will suffice for DJs in most mobile applications where the sound is confused with players on the laptop and the only output is then powered by a couple of "L" and "R" connectors on the sound card and then into the mixer or amplifier .

However, if you need more creativity or use the software to mix applications or use a Crossfader between a conventional mixer channel, you will probably need to purchase a 5-channel sound card. This allows the sound card to be set in such a way that it is possible to use a few "L" and "R" outputs for the "1" sound card and to feed it into a separate channel in the mixer. "Player 2" – this allows all software players to have their own fader on the mixer – just like a traditional twin cd player.

What quality?

Some Dj Software packages come with the "Rip" CD. "Cut": inserts the original Cd into the PC's CD-ROM and converts the original music to a CD to MP3 data that is stored as an MP3 file on the hard disk. For OTSDJ, there is also the option of switching to an OTS file, a unique file that is only restored by the OTSDJ software, but looks as loud as the MP3 and a smaller file size, which means that more OTS file can be stored on your hard disk than conventional MP3 files.

If you use a DJ software that uses standard MP3 files, you must select the quality for which you select "rip". This number is measured as "Kbps," and often ranges between 32kbps and 320kbps. Lower ranges are not recommended for professional use on a PA system because they are obscure or distorted. Ideally, for professional use, your DJ should extend your CD to Mp3 Files 192kbps or greater.

192 kbit / s is considered acceptable, but 320 kb / s is close to cd quality and some DJs can benefit – although differences in smaller audio systems are difficult to detect. As quality grows, the file size and the 320kbit / sec file can be up to more than 192 kbit / s, the whole CD can be transcribed over 320 kbit / s for a longer period of time than at a lower cost.

For Dj Software that does not have the capability, Musicmatch Jukebox can be an alternative to this process.

Are there any disadvantages to digital DJs?

Now the disadvantages! Obviously, the initial cost of PC / Laptop, high-quality sound card, big hard disk and Dj Software's cost is far more than buying a standard CD player or record player. It also takes time to "rip" your CD collection to the Mp3 disc and store it on your hard drive. In some jurisdictions, it is illegal to convert the original material in MP3 format for digital use without permission, and it may prove to be expensive if Dj is working on the right side. This is the possible license requirement that we are discussing next.

Do I need permission to play music on a laptop?

When writing an article, Canada and the UK have an annual license to use a PC or laptop for the DJ. In the United Kingdom, additional licenses and possible royalties are required for the conversion process. Although prizes have not been announced (April 2006), these controversial laws are likely to make this form of DJs unattractive, compared to more traditional and "licentless" alternatives.

* Finally, buy and use a dedicated pc / laptop for purely Dj use, do not tempt to use family PCs, or run other applications from the DJ on the machine, and do not let the device connect to the Internet. On a pre-used machine, from the start, the operating system format and fresh installation.

* Use a high-quality sound card, even if you need to upgrade or purchase an external USB

* Always transfer music from the original CD to 192 kbps or higher. We recommend 320kbps for higher quality pa systems and close to cd quality. The 192 kb / s speed is true for smaller systems used by mobile DJs.

* Do not worry about buying the most up-to-date PCs from where you can run. Most Dj Software is happy to run the basic P3 600mhz machines, but check out the minimum requirements on the software copyright site.

* Read the various software packages available. Keep in mind the features you will use, as you can update your extras at any time later. Take advantage of the free DJ Software software available and use the time to find the software that best suits you

* When choosing a full size computer, make sure that you are professionally airplane – not designed to be transported around.

* Choose high capacity 100GB – 200GB hard drive for a trusted manufacturer. Where practical and legal, always backing up data

* Align your machine with at least 256 MB of memory and ideally 512 MB.

* See the legal aspects of converting the original song in MP3 format and if you need to operate such a system.

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