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HTC Desire Z – The Android mobile phone in its own in 2011

Just recently, we've seen the appearance of two new HTC mobile phones. These are HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z. Much of the mobile phone reviewers focused on Desire HD. So this article clears the norm and focuses on the lesser of the two. HTC Desire Z.

This good-looking HTC Desire Z mobile phone tracks the very popular Desire unit. By comparing the features next to each other, you would say that the Desire Z is not as high as the original. However, it has many cool features. Cellphone capabilities mean that the device is more than capable of holding itself.

This HTC Desire Z features a sliding QWERTY keyboard and an elegant 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen display with a resolution of 480×800 pixels. These technical specifications put Z directly at the top of the phone. It is a brilliant and crystal clear screen that displays the user's vibrant colors that allows consumers to enjoy high-definition videos and media files that may be. Technological features are equally remarkable. It has a good 800 MHz processor, the latest Android operating system 2.2, and HTC Sense UI. Despite being a 180 gram weight, very muscular unit, the Z still feels light within the palm. The Desire Z is unexpectedly sleek, yet extremely powerful, with a light weight of a piece of aluminum. The metal shell of the phone also contributes to design and appearance.

In addition to HD video recording, this 5MP camera provides face-to-face, geotagging capabilities, and all important LED flashlights. The media player can easily take care of Xvid movies and the phone also offers SRS sound. if you think you need more memory for extra files. This can even be shot up to 32 GB with a microSD card. These MicroSD cards are easily accessible. You can add them from any local mobile phone. Or if you only find a Google MicroSD card, you will find a good price.

The new Desire Z also features HTC's new cloud-based software, which can be viewed at Data stored on this device can be saved, remotely safe and easily erased when the mobile phone is stolen or misplaced. If you can not find the phone, allows them to view them on a digital map. If you notice it is close to the map, you can set the ringtone remotely and call it. This will find a much better chance. As far as they know, this will be a free service for all HTC Desire Z customers.

Overall, the Desire Z is a great-looking mobile phone. The style of the unit is typically HTC. By that I mean, it looks good and stands out from the crowded Smartphone market that has many people.

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