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"The Little Olive Amuc" (The Little People's Poem in Peruvian Andes – Legends)

Or some inner caves:

Ticlio or Bone City (La Oroya),

An underworld civilization!

From Wanda to Inka until …

They live in the world crisis

And in the tough cold mining mines!

The barbarian night followed the footprints of the miner until dawn

A Glittering Civilization

With the Cities of Gold and Bronze!

These well-known treasures;

Hidden underground churches;

From Machu Picchu to the Mantaro Valley

To Nazca Peruvian Lines!

This immense mystery

disturbs these terrestrial Amucs

Small space requirements are revealed

But they provoke our most curious thoughts.

The Mystery of Such People and Pixi,

The Problems of Peace,

The Relationship of Goodwill to Both,

Or Deception and Humiliation!

So when we look for treasures

and find the difficulty of where and when we simply find Olive Amuc and pray,

He will be your best friend on that day!

# 1795 4-18-2007

Note: According to legend, this Amuc is the Andes, perhaps one foot 18 inches tall; some blond and other dark hair. They said they had iron wings and lived in the Andes mines of Peru. Many older people who were in the mines were working to claim that they were seen; Egypt is a people who know people. I've never seen them before, and I've been in the Andes, but I'm waiting. And if so, then of course I know. Wanka in the Inka era, finally, between 700 and 1600 (and from today's times: from the miners' time).

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