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The stones for gemstones

Capricorn Earth as an element, Saturn as its dominant planet, and leads it as a metal. Wednesday and Saturday are lucky days, lucky numbers 3 and 8 are lucky. Blue and black believe they are beneficial to them. The most compatible with those who belong to Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Virgo or Taurus Horoscope Signs.

Intrinsic Traits

People under the Zodiac Capricorn are people of the community. They always think and strive to achieve the growth of the community, rather than being self-centered. However, they tend to rise up in their nerves to be too ambitious for the purpose of their riches in life once. They are very adaptable, making it easier for them to adapt to changing circumstances and changing social environments. It also adds that they are able to succeed in life. Of course they flirt, which is obviously reflected in people, especially those of the opposite sex. However, when it comes to marriage, they tend to be extremely vigilant in their decisions to make sure that everything is in the "perfect frame of the picture". They will never allow arrogance to pass through them, and thus seem extremely modest and humble with their attitudes and behaviors. They are stable, realistic, intelligent and defined in their other characteristic features.

Health Issues

Although most of their lives are covered by Capricorn Zodiac Signs, good health, in the case of mild vulnerabilities

Lucky stones for bark

The list of precious stones found to be Bak is among the stones, such as Amethyst, Garnet, Garnet, Amber, Malachite, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Black Oince, Azurite, Carnival, Black Tourmaline, Labrador, Green Tourmaline, Fluorescence and Peridot.

Peridot is a green gemstone. It has been described as extremely useful stone for many great researchers and legends. Old times, including the very sacred Bible, can be found. They believe that beauty and lightness are depicted. It is an empathic stone for those who have a spiritual tendency or an accurate thinking process. Wearing positive thoughts and negative thoughts and emotions. They have been shown to be extremely effective for those who suffer from problems with the gallbladder or liver. It also brings physical strength, helps one to overcome the nervousness and the pain of the heart, supports calm sleep and controls the anger. It also enables dreams to be realized and the acquisition of wealth.

Amber: Amber, usually in yellow and different yellow shades, is a good luck and widely used as a Talisman. Anyone who wears this stone will receive the same. It has a huge effect on healing due to gout, eye disorders, abnormalities of the teeth, bronchial disorders, severe headache, severe heat, stress, stomach pain, jaundice and throat and swelling of the lungs. It also stimulates kidney and liver function to improve their function and stabilize the digestive tract. It improves its decision-making ability and converts negative thoughts into positive. This is a very strong stone and therefore should not be worn for a long time.

Turquoise: Turquoise, blue gemstone is one of the most popular and oldest gemstones. They think it is a huge fortune, and this belief is widespread enough to become popular by the talisman. It also improves general well-being, enriches prosperity, and even the slightest shades are frustrated by poverty and deficiency. It also works as a shield to protect its wearers from the effects of evil eyes and darkness. Wearing this stone protects one from all kinds of unfortunate events, so contacting with risky prone craftsmen must be especially borne when they are in work. It invests in the trust of personality, strengthens the bondage of friendship, and creates a more faithful and stable relationship with the relationship.

Lapis Lazuli: Lapis Lazuli, a blue stone, represents truth, kingdom, and enlightenment. Known to be able to help against anger, aggression, negativity, and frustration. It strengthens the power of intuition and improves psychic abilities. The fact that this is one of the most important stones we know about stimulating a lot from the third eye collar is with the effective Throat Chakra. Those who want to achieve spiritual growth must have better and robust results. This clarifies man's thinking and makes it as obvious as possible. It also enhances wisdom, improves creative feeling, strengthens mental and physical condition, and stimulates the pineal gland.

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