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Getting Started with Mobile DJs – Mobile DJ Gotta Have Wheels!

Mobile DJ needs a wheel!

Surprisingly, over the years, I have met so many people who have forgotten this until they first go to the first mobile DJ concert and suddenly realize they do not know all of their equipment in their car so I think this is something, what you have to argue with before you go out and your stock DJ just to make sure you think about it a bit.

Let's face it, you can not carry a mobile disc in a Mini!

Some people tried and failed because of the nature of the beast and the size of the gear. Keep in mind that Mobile Disco is essentially a night club on the wheels and you will need a reasonable size vehicle for your transportation and around you.

You do not have to be expensive or ridiculously big. The mid-range hatchback or the Estate Car makes the job just fine and tries to reach something that is unreasonable fuel and does not want to learn half gas (gas) especially if you live in the UK!

Keep in mind that you do not need a huge disco to start, as most of the seasons are hotels, Civic Halls, etc. We are not talking about hearing the Rock Concert (but if you have to get this type of concert in the future as long as you think you can attack – then you'll have to look for the BIG RIG audio system to cope with it).

What we need to keep in mind is that even the basic system will have many different shapes and sizes of equipment and will have to find the best way to fit into the car or van, which is likely to mean that some practices cleans everything before you find the best way.

Speakers are probably the two highest batches and do not even mention the hardest ones except the amplifier (s), then lights, decks for loudspeaker racks or Gantry. Some DJs (though not many days) still carry a round table with them to put the deck and lights, and do not forget that the crowd on the back of the car should think carefully about mass distribution as well. . . you will not move far in the front wheels of the air rotating wheels, especially when the front wheel drive!

The first "Mobile Disco" was a 1100cc 3-door hatchback, and since then I've been through a couple of trusted, reliable workloads when I decided that a few days ago I decided that the DJ needed a van, clearly because his chassis gradually increased to the point where a van needed to carry everything with him. Let's say every business has a really natural growth process if you're successful, what you're doing.

You will find that if you seriously like a mobile DJ, you want to keep upgrading equipment (specify to accumulate or say), oh OK, I'll admit, basically, if I see some new modules or lights) and the basics allow me, I'll probably buy it, but only if it improves the show for the audience!

Trust me. . . . you will know when to change the vehicle!

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