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How to Participate in the Variety Show

We congratulate you on picking up (or having decided) to receive your own Juggling Show. The tips and tips in this article help you make the right choices about how you will be present at the event. There is a huge difference between holding a public congress in the British Juggling Convention as at the end of the Circus Skills Workshop at the Talent Show, so use the weighing when choosing which advice to follow.

This article is a huge thanks to the outstanding BJC workshop led by Luke Burrage in 2006 under the British Juggling Convention. I recently discovered notes and ideas that were written down during the workshop and helped me in this article.

The host is your business to do the following:

  1. Acts
  2. The show keeps running and keeps energy high
  3. Find out about the audience

19659002] He wondered why he was not "Be entertaining". This is because this is not as important as the above tasks. It may be so entertaining that it is impossible for the actions to applaud as much as you get and they will be scared. The audience is here to see the action. If you've done your job right then the audience and the actions will enjoy a great opportunity and the legacy will be that the show has proved successful! If you're having fun, be sure to check out, but make sure you're first dealing with the above points and do not make yourself a star of the show! The Trend: ] Sometimes, as a host, we can allow you to help sort out the sequence of actions on the stage. This gives you at least a chance to be more varied in both sides of the show and do not place two similar actions.

At the beginning of the show you will be the first person to see the audience. Make a short opening. This is the main part of the show to introduce and inform the audience about what's being created. Look confidently and under full control, making it easier for the audience. You can show yourself and then set the scene with the name of the presentation and briefly describe what to expect.

This section also applies to turning off the mobile phone and flash photography. All these points can be dealt with in a few minutes, and without any further ado, we will do the first step on the stage. Ask for a precautionary action if something is ready to tell you about their introduction, or there is something worth mentioning.

  • If there is anything, you will be happy that you have been asked, and in the end you will save some time and effort to get to your own thing to make everyone a winner!
  • More importantly, there is something you do not want to mention about your actions (you can accidentally reveal something that's better than a surprise to discover under their performance)! I would like, for example, not to be known as a "comedy juggler", as it immediately puts pressure on me to make the audience ridiculous at the beginning of my action, not simply guessing funny and laughing without any idea.
  • If you need to perform a performance before you launch an action, make sure you are completely different from what they did. He does not compete with them! Ideally, whatever you do under the show, you do not have to look very much like that on the stage.
  • Close the listing with the name / act of the person, even if he has already mentioned his name. This will help the audience remember the plot's name
  • If you know you're probably forgetting the names of some acts, bring a clipboard with the running order on the stage and read it. Do not just type the name on the back of your hand and try to get it on it (the audience will notice). Look confident at all times and a clipboard is one of the best objects in the world that you can look more professional than you could. ] If possible, the host and the actions must eliminate it and the opposite sides, so it is not embarrassing or clashing in each other. If we have to pass on each other, it is important to acknowledge the action, maybe shake hands, move them higher or lower than we do, not just ignore them.

    for the first semester:

    Say you are paused after the next act. It encourages people to keep their bladder, knowing that it will soon be broken and prevents people from being too restless and unaware of the progress of a break. Interval Period: is half this interval. Tell the audience how long the interval is, and suggest what you want to do (go to the washroom, go to the store, pick up the drink, mix in a large area on the ground floor.)

    What to do after the plot:

    • If the audience is still wildly applauding or permanently overstating, go to the stage for another bow [19659013] Do not have a blank stage. As soon as the act leaves, you will come. This means you need to know how long each act lasts and how big you have to end up being ready.
    • Tell the story of the act (recognize the act and give another audience to the applause)
    • When it comes to the grand finale, acting ends, you have to report them from the first act to the last act. If an act appeared twice, make sure you did not announce the 2 nd act and find them again on the stage when they are on the stage!
    • the stage and nose, then put themselves back in the spotlight
    • Make sure the lighting and loud staff (and all other vital people) at the end of the exhibition and in the actions surround a applause
    • . Or have you comfortably pledged yourself in the finals to get the well-known applause or ask someone else to announce your contribution. You are not the focus of attention on the show, but it is important to understand it and give the audience the opportunity to thank you for a great show! ]

      Be aware of what is happening on stage at all times. If something big happens, such as an accident, you must be ready to log in and do all the necessary, even if it means it will occur early on when resolving the problem.

      Fewer – If you are complicated and over-praising and the next act is said by a legend and you do not see yourself in this way, you may think they have built them nicely but may think that there is no way to match your description and act was broken before they were on the stage!

      There are a few extra bits you need to do when you suddenly need to download a small part of the program (while the sound system is quickly repaired). The worst thing that can only happen is dead air.

      Can help one hour on the back of the room to see the plot. Make sure every act knows how long it is allowed on the stage. It's important that the show is running smoothly, and one overwork may mean that the ending date of the show is going to continue and people have to leave the public early. You may seem to be too strict timepieces, but that is your business!

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