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What Ravana's horoscope did a Ravana – the pursuit of an interesting personality?

Ravana is the primary antagonist character of the Hindu legend, Ramayana, King of Lanka. In the classical text it is mostly depicted negatively. However, this picture, however incomplete, can not gain its other characteristics. Ravanata writes to Lord Shiva, a great scientist, an able ruler, and a famous alchemist, an excellent astrologer, with very rare medical knowledge, occult personality, and a vocalist with deep musical knowledge

Horoscope Ravana:

Balance Sheet

1. House: Saturn, Moon [in Libra]

2. house: —

3. house: — no

4th house: Mars [in Capricorn]

5th house: — no

6th house: Venus, mercury [in Pieces]

7th house: V. [in Aries]

8th house: — no

ninth house: — no

10th house: Jupiter [in Cancer]

eleventh house: — no

12th house: — none

The presence of different yoga in the horoscope:

  • Chatussagara Yoga:

All four quadrants occupied by the planets. In Ravana's horoscope quadrants are occupied by planets.

  • Shash Yoga:

Saturn's own / outstanding sign in quadrilateral. In the horoscope, Saturn rises upwards.

  • Ruchak Yoga:

Mars has its own magnifying mark in square. In the horoscope Mars gets up in the 4th house.

  • Hans yoga:

Jupiter's own / magnifying mark in quadrant. In the horoscope, Jupiter ascends in the 10th house

  • Vipareet raj yoga:

The 6th, 8th and 12th places are located in the 6th / 8th / 12th century

In Ravana's horoscope, The location of House 8 and Mercury's House 12 are in the 6th House.

  • Gaj-kesari Yoga:

Jupiter puts his / her magnifying mark on the quadrant. In the horoscope, Jupiter stands out and comes from the moon to the 10th place.

  • Saraswati Yoga:

Jupiter in the High / My Sign in the Quadrant / Trinus. In the horoscope, Jupiter ascends in the 10th House .

  • Amla Yoga:

The tenth tenth of ascending / moon must be occupied with a beneficial power. In the horoscope, the 10th is the rising / Moon of Jupiter, which is a charity and a greatness.

  • Nichabhanga raj yoga:

If a planet is in its weaker signs and the master of its falling signal its own / exalted signs and the quadrant / trine is composed of ascending / moon. In the horoscope mercury is debilitating in House 6, but House 6, that is, Jupiter's urethral rises in the 10th house of the ascending / moon.

Horoscope's Highlights:


  • Ascending Signal and Moon mark are the same as Libra.
  • The moon rises with the exalted Saturn, and Ravana is a very remarkable and highly esteemed ruler of the country.
  • Saturn elevates the cruel, aggressive and arrogant nature of rising, but reflects great interest in occult sciences and supernatural forces.
  • The rising Venus's lord rises, so he enjoys a luxurious, materialistic and comfortable life. Ravana is very cruel but has learned, the Tantric [soccer] is the person of Shiva devotee and very manipulative political knowledge.
  • The miserable moments of the Moon cause many lives.
  • and Saturn makes Punarphoo Yoga which has shown a lot of obstacles in his life
  • The rising Venus Lord in the Existence Sign, showing his rare musical abilities.

4. House:

  • Ravana is a great warrior and owner of the blooming and rich kingdom of Lanka. Ravana admired the great knowledge of weapons and magic because of its powerful Mars

7. House:

  • In the sixth house, Ravana was lying in House 7 and faced many great enemies. House 7 hit by Moon, Saturn and Sun is responsible for sexual catastrophe.
  • Magnificent Venus in House 6, indicates that they believed that there was a physical connection with many people the women they captured battles

[19659002] 9. house:

  • The IX. The house of the house is destroyed and lies in House 6, it was the cause of the fall of the entire dynasty and the reproach of its ancestors. [1] Concluded mercury prevented his intelligence and he chose himself
  • Mercury in House 6 indicates that he made many bad or bad decisions in his life. [10] 1959.

10. house:

  • Jupiter is in the 10th house, it is spiritual. He has performed countless difficult and rare sermons and rituals to love many gods.



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