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Novation Launchpad Pro FL Studio

Ever since Launchpad was officially released in 2009, Novation Launchpad has brought many innovations. However, the newly designed Launchpad Pro is the first person to feel the real update. For more than six years, MIDI controllers have become more innovative and mobile applications have reduced the need for a physical control device. For over a decade, Novation has designed one of the market's best control keyboards, and the newly released midi controller is undoubtedly one of the most suitable and most preferred controllers that the company has so far designed. The matte black surface is similar to the Ableton push, while the rubberised substrate provides the controller with a redistributive strength that the original does not contain.

The supplied USB and MIDI cables are orange in color and do not remain unnoticed, especially since most manufacturers do not get these cables for free. Finally, one of the most outstanding features of Novation Launchpad Pro is the 64-inch pad. Unlike the original, these benches are not only responsive to speed but also feel comfortable with the Ableton pushbuttons.

Using Novation Launchpad Pro with FL Studio

Although designed specifically for Ableton Live users; there are lots of people who use Launchpad with other software. The recently updated FL Studio 12.0 has been developed with Launchpad support, meaning that you can fully support Novation Launchpad Pro without any errors. One thing that works effectively is to fully support FL Studio 10.0 or later. To start using the Novation Launchpad Pro FL studio, first exit AutoMap from the tray or do not install Automap. Connect the Novation Launchpad using the supplied USB cable. Novation Launchpad Pro FL Studio automatically detects the device.

Last step is to ensure that Launchpad Pro is enabled in MIDI settings. It's important to note that the new system uses the usual Launchpad installation; so the user is not expected to change anything if Novation Launchpad is installed properly. Additionally, if users want to use more Launchpad, it is expected that multiple MIDI outputs will be used for different MIDI ports. If the user wants to share the project with other users, 115 is the default. He said that despite the fact that the original went far beyond what they were saying, the Pro version as well as increased visual feedback and added features undoubtedly surpassed this process

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