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Creating and Recording Music for the iPad: Cool Apps

iPad music enthusiasts have great applications. If you want to create, mix, capture and mix music, you want to discover the next music apps on your iOS device.

I play in a rock music and I use the tools: guitar, keyboard, bass, and drum. With the launch of the iPad, we decided to include a song with the applications.

Even though there are a lot of music apps for the iPad, not all applications are great and useful for playing music. I've found applications like iCanBass, iGuitar Free, Guitar and the free version of WI Guitar Free, which are pretty useless.

GarageBand, WI Guitar (Full), EasyGuitar HD and Piano HD Free (Pianolo) and Money. They really help to record compositions.

GarageBand: All in One

GarageBand is a great paid application. This includes intelligent guitar, intelligent bass, virtual drums, sound, and keyboards, and allows you to record a full song on your iPad.

Add each device after selecting "New Song" for this music application. Drums can be added to create a song, then add guitars, bass and keyboard

You can delete or replace any device at any time.

Use the GarageBand iPad app to adjust the volume. In addition, each instrument contains custom settings and autoplay rhythms. The drums and the intelligent drums contain 3 traditional sets and 3 drum machines. You can choose the tempo and main song of the song (new songs will be recorded in C major by default).

This application is still not perfect. First, it is limited to only 8 songs. Second, all devices are touch sensitive. This means it sounds louder when it comes to hard contact. It is impossible to play the same trap. Much better when recording music with intelligent devices

You can add a song using the built-in microphone or USB microphone, and set the songs by adjusting the volume level for each song and by panning.

If you are not satisfied with the results, you can always end the mixing of the song in Mac GarageBand. Here's a problem. You can not import the song to iPad GarageBand after mixing it on your Mac.

WI guitar and easyGuitar HD

WI Guitar is a virtual an acoustic guitar iPad application featuring classical instruments and electric guitars. Allows you to insert chords. But it contains only 12 chords, plus maj7, add9, and sus4. Even though you can create about 150 unique chords, this application is best for playing and recording simple songs.

If you want to add it to the base guitar, use easyGuitar HD for iPad. The product designed and sold by Paolo Bottigliero contains 2 classical guitars. You can play the first 6 tabs or the last 6 tabs when I speak. With one hand, take your fingers by pushing the string and playing the other hand as if playing a real guitar.

Piano HD Free

This version of the piano is very good. First, unlike GarageBand, it's free, which costs $ 4.99.

The keyboard features six instruments, including violin, guitars, saxophone, trumpet, and piano with 6 octets. This is a cool way to record a song when tired of the GarageBand sounds.

This free music application includes three modes: multiplayer piano, multiplayer piano with saxophone and 4-octave piano. You can play duet with your friends and write nice music.

There is still a disadvantage I have to mention. Our fingers are a little too big for this application; it is often difficult to touch the appropriate keys.

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