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The average cost of a modular home – they will not tell you

Have you wondered why modular homes can build hype and hoopla, which are usually related to releasing a more advanced version of the Apple iPhone? If you think this switch, the earth's shaking average cost is a modular home, it's more or less hit bull's eyes. The average cost per square meter is about $ 28. By contrast, the average square meter cost for a homemade sticker of about the same size, that is about $ 60, and you know who is leaving the honors in this calculus.

With multiple figures you can send your imagination with soaring. A single one-bedroom apartment with a 1000 sqm living space will run $ 24,000 in its bank account, while in a double section home with a stunning 1600 square meter of space, it costs about $ 43,000.

But before you get these impressive figures covered in euphoria, make sure you read the lines. There are a number of factors that have a profound impact on the price of modular homes to bring things to the nursery. Before you get dirty about the average cost, here are some important aspects that you simply can not afford to be bright:

  • First, is a new home or something that was previously occupied?
  • What is the venue? This is a mobile park or plot? If you are the latter, are you proud to own the same heavy rental fee?
  • Dimensions are too important. Single wide, double wide or full modular home?
  • And the state that the house is located is more than just a token import at the final selling price.
  • So before you buy the price, keep an eye on all aspects.

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