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10 Innovative Game Features

Take care of your fight, sweat, crash when you change your video game console as a personal instructor.

Here are the ten methods that the latest development with Eye-Toy technology eliminates the generally attached couch potato stigma for the game and the hottest innovation that moves the gaming industry now.

first Appointed as Eye-Toy Kinetic, the game appreciates its weight and height to train for you. In some cases, even a certain number of calories can be burned. You are planning a personalized physical exercise or workout program. You can customize your workout to fit in shape, weight loss, or muscle tone. It offers four different disciplines, four practical zones: cardio, combat, tone, and body and body like meditation and yoga

. Go to your own pace and watch the progress along the way. It also uses the PS2's internal clock to maintain a regimented 12-week training session. This is not a game like a virtual home fitness center and is cheaper than gym membership.

3rd Communicates with two virtual fitness coaches to motivate you. One man, the more gung-ho-type, loud fit, one woman, the more reassuring the two. Do not miss a workout and you can expect to find one of them.

4th This game technology requires the user to enter step by step with the console screen. A mini camera underneath the screen to project the image on the screen and allow you to capture the full range of motion on the screen. This will use the EyeToy peripheral to actually track your activity and movement

. The boxing match places the center of the TV screen and the virtual pit against Mr. Universe. Another challenging game when you are like yourself, controlling the balls on the screen while you are knocking while others are not. Here, play the game with real blows that bounce on a small carpet. You do good sweat.

6th Use different muscles and muscles that you do not usually use. Keeping the game is the name of the game. This is a good cardiovascular workout. It works with light sweat, no breathing, and sweats the forehead for sweaty sweats for almost 10 minutes.

7th The load factor has become a hot new point of sale. The biggest problem for manufacturers is that women are more interested in the game. They will see it for the first time. Suitable for all workouts. For example, during a three-minute training session, you beat the bags from the four corners of the screen. This can be achieved either by punctuation, kicking or wild spin; anyway, it burns calories. It is very intense as bags get faster and faster.

8th This would allow players to interact with the machine instead of using the joystick with the keys. The next wave of the video game is the bombing of the senses with real perception. So design by throwing old plastic joysticks.

ninth Eye-Toy is not just virtual boxing; includes versions that include a ping-pong and dancing in a dance studio or a Zen Garden.

10th Toys do not have to be unhealthy. Now you can finally create a video game for EyeToy. Treat your addiction to the need for physical exercise

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