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DJ – Finding Your Cue

The first thing you need to do is set the mixer. Make the channel fader of both inputs (CD or Vinyl) complete and the crossfader in the center. Set the gain controls and the EQ controls to both channels for the same setting.

Whether you are using vinyl, CD or MP3 – the most important thing you can do is to find a point. In most cases, this cue point is a bass drum – and probably the first bass of the entire melody – or the intro is the first bit of a term in the intro. (See the right mixing page for information on terms, etc.).

Vinyl, assuming this is the first rate of melody, is quite simple. Just put the needle at the beginning of the recording, press the play button, and when you hear the first bass, stop recording and drag back until you hear silence. Then, advance a small amount until you hear the beginning of the bass. Press the stop button and leave the needle there. Now CD's of the very first bass label

is equally simple. Pop on the CD and press the play button. It starts at the beginning of the bass guitar, which is harder. If there is something similar to the CDJ1000, you can run the bowl the same way as a turntable. If you hear the bass and you know it at first, press CUE to save. (Most other CDs on most CDs probably set the cue by pressing the PLAY button).

However, if you use a CD that does not have vinyl emulation (for example, the CDJ1000), and when you pause the melody, repeats the same music frame repeatedly, use the controls on the CD that allow you to rewind the frame (with limited controls or simply press the search buttons quickly) and wait until the terrible, broken CD sound stops. Go ahead on a single frame to make sure it is at the beginning of the bass guitar – and store the Cue point (either by pressing the CUE or PLAY button).

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