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The importance of Raksha Bandhan in India

Brothers and sisters usually show great love to each other and approach each other in crises and needs. In India, tradition is due to the fact that nurses connect the rakes, which are colored to their brethren, symbolizing their kindness and favor to her. In return, brothers and sisters undertake to protect them from the damage and the harsh conditions that may come upon them.

When is Raksha Bandhan:
Raksha Bandhan literally means a lot of protection, and this festival is celebrated by Shravan Purnima every year, coinciding with July / August in Gregory. Every year, just a few weeks before the event, stalls and shops throughout the country in stock are beautiful and beautiful rakhis for sale. People buy these stores and booths without a doubt to pick up their choice. On occasion, the sisters connect the rakes with their brothers; wrist after a formal formal prayer ceremony. After that, brothers usually give gifts to their sisters and participate in a traditional banquet with the whole family.

The Importance of Raksha Bandhan
The traditional burial of the knot of defense is a hidden and profound meaning hidden from ancient times in India. In addition to giving the love of a sister to his brother and vice versa, the occasion is spreading the message of harmonious family bonds. At the same time, all responsible persons should strive to cultivate the feelings of their fraternal and siblings toward one another and to live in harmony with each other.

Despite the fact that blood brothers can not connect, people need to develop the strength to respect each other by cultivating noble thoughts toward one another. That is why members of the extended family, siblings, siblings, friends and brothers are also welcome to take part in this occasion.

The Story of Raksha Bandhan
There are no clear indications that Raksha Bandhan actually comes from, but some believe that this practice stems from antiquity to the wearing of the sacred yarnopaivitam.

Another story tells Indira's wife, Sachi Rakhi, to Indira when he was standing on the verge of the celestial empire in a long war against demons. This guaranteed Indira's victory. Another comment says that Yamuna, the brother of Lord Yama, would link him to Shravan Purnima. Since then, this has become an acceptable norm, and the brothers usually wear a rakhi to their brothers' wrists.

There is also an interesting story about Krishna who caused pain in the direction of Shishupala's Sudarshan Chakra. It is said that Draupadi immediately rushed to tie a ribbon from his stomach to halt the bleeding. Later, when Draupad was deeply humiliated in the Kaurava court, Lord Krishna defended him from shame.

Another story suggests that Lord Indira, the ruler of the heavens, was on the threshold of losing the fight with a writer after a twelve-year war. At this stage, Indira's wife, Shachi rakhi, bound the Indira wrist to secure victory.

Another meaning of medieval history is that the Rajput queens give the Mughal kings their rakhis protection. Queen Karnavati sent rakhi to Emperor Humayun, who calls for protection from Bahadur Shah, the Sultan of Gujarat.

There are several other legends in Indian folklore about sisters connecting their brothers. In modern times, the festival has given enormous recognition to many places in the country and around the world.

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