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Vastu Purusha Mandala and Positive Energies

Vastu Purusha is the body in which all aspects of human activity are realized. Whether we build a house, a factory, a school, a wall, a tank or a playground, we place it on the sacred body of the cosmic creature who came with us. Every part of your body is sacred, with its energies and characteristics that increase and enhance our lives on earth. That is why we are grateful to him for all his endeavors, and thanks to him with flowers and smokers, minerals and metals, herbs and colors, in the midst of music and chanting.

The story of Vastu Purusha goes like this: In the past years a demon named Vastu, a wild and powerful demon, lived in the world of terrorism. As the situation became unbearable, the gods came together to fight with him. Yet, his powers were such that his essence continued the penetration of the earth, causing unusual misery to both humans and gods. The gods responded to Lord Brahma for help. They were affected by the pain of the gods, Lord Brahma attacked the demon firmly on the ground, and with extra precaution he ordered certain gods to sit down and stop his activity. The popular belief is that Vastu Purusha lies down on the ground, although some texts claim it is upside down

Although this is a myth, it can be interpreted as energy coming from the cosmic space as the energy inside the material phenomena. Cosmic energy appears as a phenomenon after passing through a series of transformation ether, fire, water and earth. Therefore, the built-in space develops according to the impulses of the earth, in accordance with the awakening and sleep of earthly energy.

Vastu or bhoomi vibrates and lives. This is the land or land. This energy lives on the earth and has various names, such as Vastu Nathan, bhoomi Purusha and Vastu Purusha . This is the energy of material solar radiation

Similarly, the energy of Akasham or cosmic space is known as Vishwa Purusha, Vishwa atman, Paramatman. Vastu Purusha is awake when she is pointing toward cardinal points and says she is asleep when she points to non-cardinal points like NE, SW, SE, NW. Dhanur (December-January), Mina (March-April), Mithuna (June-July), Khan (September-October) 19659002] (July-August), (July-August), (August-September), (August-September), (October-November), [19459004) Kumbha (February-March) is fortunate to build.

We can say that we are the earth or Bhoomi and the energy inside us Vastu Purusha. When the earth runs out, Vastu Purusha can be considered as sleeping. During this time, it is not beneficial to start home-building activities. Shastrals claim that this "bad" time may have a negative impact on residents. The face of Vastu Purusha is aligned to the position of the sun, says the text

A thinking school says that Vastu Purusha and the central axis of the house or Madhya sutram are one and the same.

In another think-school, Vastu Purusha appeared on the plot and the building was placed in such a way that both of its non-central axes did not coincide. Pada Vinyasa is the method by which the plot is divided into a single grid. Every part of the grid belongs to a deity that corresponds to the gods who captured Vastu Purusha (mentioned in the myth). Each module is at the ceremony of Bhoomi Puja Bhoomi Puja at the time of the building.

All traditional cultures are connected to the physical environment in the context of the cosmic spirit's minds and have built legends and myths around the gods and goddesses. There are half-human nymphs and devas, partly animal or bird dwarves, which are winged miracles or extraordinary complex creatures.

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