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Which part of the Globe will call your home?

*** Your home is your sanctuary, at least. Whatever the globe, your friends, your pet or your family are as important as you are personally.

We feel great and feel good when we are happy in the comfortable room. We are resting, eating, sleeping and pulling out the tasks of everyday life. Parts of everyday life share each other and provide time, love, space, and help to others. In order to help others better, you must first find a comfortable living space. Finding yourself a place, filling your comfortable place with things that take up place, and things that are related and reflect your style or tastes. Home is the place where you feel most comfortable.

Get to know your role at global level. Keep your home in the most sacred place in the world. Know that your sacred place is yours and yours alone!

*** Learn how to qualify for PRIVACY and no one is watching you, listening to your private conversations, or penetrating your home. make sure that no one has access to private calls, WIFI services, or intimate moments at home for others. A lot of people have been bombarded by stepholes who want to know each place, their actions and conversations, so that life and privacy should be better preserved and secured.

Wherever you stay on the floor, find out where it feels most comfortable. Find out what's good and feel the right fit if you decide to live. If you're looking for a new graduate or new home, take your time to decide which continent you call home.

We live in a huge country and an even bigger planet. So why do you call me for you and me? He calls the change. Whether you change your mind, your thoughts, or your place of residence, you're all on your own.

One thing I can assure you: wherever you live on the ground, it's easy and comfortable to fill your emptiness or the necessity of making your home a home. Bring your home in a room where you can make your own shrine. At home it is often referred to as your home because it is the place where the most convenience of privacy and privacy – the peace of home or home is due to the wonderful relaxation and appreciation of the private space …

peaceful life depends on peaceful place of residence or residence

House is the way to connect and let our hair renew or refill our hearts, thoughts, minds and brains. No matter what part of the globe I call home, as long as there is comfort, place and privacy, and my husband next to me, I am comfortable and at home.

In my life, many people have lived in the past 20 years. What I've learned is to have as many new and different experiences as you can, at the time you are alive and able to be mobile at the time you are alive.

Live your life and awareness, awareness and recognition and respect for who, where and where you were born with the greatest passion, the rewarder!

Practices empathy and charity throughout your life, caring for and displaying others, Accepting love is the most important place in everyday life.

I remember taking many local trips during my childhood, and this is probably when I first got travel and adventure bugs. I enjoyed long car rides with interesting conversation that launched and created the restaurants and the local pleasures that were delightful and weird, at least the least. We have always noticed beautiful homes and neighborhoods, and we have imagined that they live in many residences.

Many are large houses called large tower houses, those with sidewalks and rounds that lead a visitor to the next lane. Others are known as high-rise buildings, full of concierge services, guards, security and winding stairs. I still enjoy so many different places in the world where I visit and see that others call their home as a pioneer in their worship and discovering new discoveries.

I also saw tiny, rough towns that are located across the Texas-Mexican border in the countryside carton or pile village that separates one country and the standard of living from another country. Honestly, very sad, emotional and fearsome. The homes were hacked, lined or filled with rubbish and rubbish that was later exchanged for small pennies – the dollar to help maintain and nourish three or more surviving families.

To grow up and see the differences between such scenes, in reality, NOT from a movie theater or a sad dream, but actually the reality of migrant workers and their families. The house was not a sanctuary or a comfortable place of residence (sad faces – now tears ran over my face).

Many migrant workers are legally coming to our country to do a job that most American citizens in our country are physically taxing, extorting, depleting or humiliating.

I do not judge either of the actions of the equation. I was there, and I said, "I agree to provide immediate medical care, maintenance, education, sponsorship or assistance, and help me by continuing to receive charitable support to help or assist those who can not help themselves. The odds are too high against them.

My eyes and my heart did not forget what I first saw as a toddler. On our main road, in my hometown, on the highway, when I first noticed duality. My first reaction was shock, followed by grief, sorrow, and anger when I saw such things.

I promised myself: When I get the tools and the power to accomplish to help some of the most suitable people. I will help them to have a chance and be better at experiencing normal living standards. I will be happy to help.

Small communities of families and migrant workers would be eager to enjoy more beauty, and their functional washbasins, showers, places and spaces where they live in the world are proud to call their first home choice. Get to know your role to help others and do so.

** I enjoy learning from you and others, I keep it up to date! ~

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