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Wireless Broadband Benefits and Disadvantages

Wireless Broadband allows you to connect to the Internet without having to connect your computer to the modem. What you are doing, connect the wireless router to the modem, then wirelessly connect your computer to the router via a wireless card installed on a computer or in many cases when you buy a new laptop. Despite the fact that many people think wireless broadband is not the same as mobile broadband. The radius of the wireless broadband circuit is approx. 100 meters away from your router, while mobile broadband is available wherever you are on your mobile phone.

Wireless Broadband Providers

There are no "wireless broadband providers", you are still registering a regular broadband package with an ISP, and simply plug in your wireless router to your modem. This router has the ability to enable wireless access.

Some ISPs offer you free wireless routers and security packs when you enter a broadband contract.

What are the benefits? The advantage of wireless broadband is that you can surf the internet from the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom, basically anywhere, as long as there is a signal from the router. You have the advantage of connecting many different computers to your router and each one is able to choose any site you choose without disturbing other users. You can connect a variety of devices to the Internet with your wireless router, such as phones and PDAs

What are your disadvantages?

The main disadvantage is that hackers, neighbors, or even passers-by can use the internet without your permission if they do not have the right wireless network. Another disadvantage is that the strength of the signal is weakened, the farther away from its router, or weakened if the signal is to pass through thick brick walls, this would lead to slower internet browsing speeds Next PagePrevious Page

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