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Chinese horoscope basics and compatibility with other signs

Chinese astrology is one of the aspects that most people today are enchanting. As we all know, it has been going on since ancient times and has its origins in early myths and legends. The concept of twelve bears is associated with the five elements, meaning sixty years. Animals represent the years when people are born. Chinese astrology believes that the characteristics of these animals are those of people born in the years they represent.

As every story goes, there are tales that control the twelve animals of the zodiac. Probably the most famous is to invite such animals to a competition. The first twelve races that finish the race will get a zodiac position. At first, the animals are the rat, then the ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, cock, dog and finally pig.

The first animal in Chinese astrology is the rat. People born under the Rat sign are inventive, charming and intelligent, but they can be very extravagant. Persons born under this sign are compatible with those born under Dragon, Monkey and Ox.

Ox is the second animal in Chinese astrology. Like people born under the rats, Ox was born intelligent and patient. They are also leaders, but sometimes they can be stubborn. It will be good for those who are born in the years of the Snake, the Rat and the Kakály. People in the Tiger Year know that they are bold and sensitive. However, they may be short-lived and very suspicious. They can easily meet the Pig and Sheep Signs.

People born under the Chinese astrological signs of the dragon show the utmost perseverance and passion, but like the tiger, they know they are fast and stubborn. They work together with those who are born under the sign of the Monkey. People born under the snake are also very passionate and intense in everything they do. At the same time, they can be very selfish and vain. Individuals born under the sign of Ox and Rooster will be together with these people. Those people whose Horse is their sign are very intuitive and cheerful, but they can be a source of awareness. Dogs and tiger signs can fit well. It is a milder feature of a person born under the Sheep Sign. They are introverted, but they are very creative. They work well with people who have Rabbit and Piglets.

Individuals born during the Monkey's year are very clever and creative. People who are born under the Rat sign will enjoy their company. Those born during the Kakas year are self-confident but can be very disappointed if they are not successful. They're together with the Snake and Ox signs. Those born under the dog sign are deep thinkers and those with a horse and a tiger sign. Finally, those who fall under the Pigs are very kind and sneer. They work well with those born under the Rabbit and Juh signs.

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