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iPhone applications and Android applications play an increasingly important role in education

In virtually all aspects of everyday life, mobile technologies can greatly enhance learning experiences. Mobile devices with embedded sensors, cameras, and GPS connect to the Internet offer unprecedented opportunities in education.

The mobile market for statistics reflects the growing world of resources in hand. So in March, Apple announced more than 25 billion downloaded apps from the App Store to more than 315 million iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users around the world. App Store worldwide offers more than 550,000 applications to users in 123 countries with more than 170,000 native iPad applications. Customers can choose from many categories of applications, including business, education, games, news, sports, health and fitness, travel, and more.

From the Google Play Store (formerly Android Market). 15 billion applications sold

Juniper Research says downloading consumer applications for mobile devices is expected to reach more than 66 billion a year by 2016. This figure scares the expected increase in mobile applications.

By increasing access to network access, increasing capabilities of mobile devices, advancing electronic data flow, and convergence of search technology and location, mobile applications are an effective tool for the learning process.

Educational institutions not only see mobile apps as an affordable solution for learning, but also a feature-rich tool for laboratory work that often serves to replace expensive and cumbersome tools and equipment. Senior universities, including Stanford, Yale, Oxford and UC Berkeley, and colleges have already applied their own applications.

To assign some selections, mobile applications can use the following features:

  • Traffic information;
  • List of subjects;
  • Digital dissemination of teaching materials;
  • Eating places, service times and menus;
  • sporting events;
  • Accessing Library Resources and Digital Textbooks
  • Upgrading Interesting Events and Using University News
  • Checking Grades:

The resources and relationships that are easily accessible via the Internet are becoming more and more challenging in the educational environment. Students expect them to be able to learn and study when and whenever they want. More and more institutions worldwide are familiar with the opportunities of mobile access and invest in software that extends the teaching outside the classroom.

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