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Latest games for iOS and Android users

Any smartphone user knows the games downloaded on the device. It's always about getting the latest and best available games. Therefore, you should always pay attention to the latest game descriptions, especially when you are action-packed. While some are available for iOS, others are also available for Android users. Learn the latest action games available on both platforms

Dark Knight Rises

This is a gameloft developed by Gameloft, designed by gaming games on smart phones. Gameloft supports Dark Knight Rises to support smartphones because the console is known for quality games. As his name suggests, Dark Knight Rises is a bit closer to the movie and gives you the chance to play the hero. You have the chance to become a selected crusade and fight with the bad guys and save the city. It looks exciting, even more, the city shown in the game is much closer to Batman Arkham City.


This is the 3rd version of the GTA line and one of the most sought after games. The most exciting game of action is spent in adventure where a player needs to be missed by street criminals. In addition, this version of the game also supports touch-enabled phones. The controls are designed to allow the user to simply play through the touch screen phone. Other things include the effect of sound and sound. Therefore, if you have enough time, then this is the game you can fill.

Nova 3

You do not need iOS users to play this game, as this game is available on both platforms, including Android. It's a shooting game that gives you total excitement in shooting, graphics and sound effects. Therefore, if you like the shot, then this game is for you. However, like other things, this also has some disadvantages. You may encounter occasional errors or face game controls. If you pass after these, then you will enjoy this game, it is definitely for those who love the tough game.

Shadow Gun

If your device runs on the Tegra 3 processor, release the Shadow Gun. This game is a powerful action packed game that can be played well on a Smartphone or Tab. This game is a shooting game and the graphics are stunning. If you play this game, forget the console games. The user will enjoy the role of bounty hunter and destroy an army full of mutants. Persian Prince

Persian Prince may seem somewhat close to the Persian Prince. However, you do not have to withhold any time when you try to save a princess in anxiety. You have more time for you than Prince Persia, who was in motion; You also have the advantage of living the original character. However, this game is interesting, full of adventures, increased skin and various battles. On the way to each adventure, you will present a new challenge that includes prisons and the rescue of the princess. You will find mysterious traps that will unfold on the journey and show you the test of your acrobatic skills. This includes your sword and tricks. So, you're ready to find traps, tricks, sword, and physical combat

All of the games listed are some of the most common games; these are also available for iOS and Android users. These games can be downloaded but can be downloaded for free.

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