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Do girls play in young football? NO

Could girls play for young people's football?

This might be a somewhat controversial topic for some, but in the society we live in, we do not have to listen.

Are some girls their size and aggressiveness playing in youth football? I can see the player's sisters who would play great footballers, but I do not know for sure that they are the best boys in the young football team.

Today's society seems to want to devalue women, rap music with negative rejection of women as a throwback and worthy abuses, TVs and movies that have been abused by women as worthy of sex, as well as printed media and by enforcing pornography.

In downtown Omaha Nearly 70% of our players are not at home. If you think I was overjoyed, we played 2 people on the stalls and both were females that were not enough for a chain member. This was not a one-time treatment, there were many games where there were no 3 male to run the chains. Many of our players have no behavioral patterns in the house to "copy" the proper treatment with a woman. Kids often see women from first-hand physically and mentally abused, and of course hear the music they hear on TV and printed material. I've been training for youth football for 15 years, and the problem of the "pitiful" house is getting worse every year. Tom Osborne's book "Hit in the Game" claims that this problem is growing and is responsible for most of the problems of crime and young men.

If the girls play with boys with football, they teach boys, and contact with females is an acceptable behavior. In fact, as coaches, stimulate and reward this physical relationship. Our players are accustomed and accustomed to paying physically to women, the act of defeating all those involved in men's physical forces in women. In the meantime, she learns that rough physical contact with men is acceptable now. Now, while women in the team can help the short-term progress of some of our football teams, I'm not sure whether we are helping the boy or girl in the long-term development or as a productive member of society.

Girls like boys, and even better with a lot of activities, it's not about girls being able to play. This is about interrupting the abusive cycle, there are many single-parent families or even two parent families today. I think the youth football training is far more than teaching children how to run good football games and how to block and manage. It is about teaching precious life lessons for the youth footballer he can use for his entire life. My dad taught me how to deal with women with respect and respect and I rewarded this behavior with a wonderful wife and a very satisfying family life. Dad not only told me he showed me, even though he and their mates did not agree. He has modeled the right behavior pattern every day, many of your children never realize that they have modeled the proper behavior. As a boy, he threatened us with the fact that it is a "deadly sin" that is afflicted by a girl or it is at all depressing that can never happen. If this were to happen, my father would be treated in the most extreme way, and he would be coward.

In 2001, he was an 8-year-old footballer in one of our Omaha trophies, a girl with a fist dropped into some kind of disagreement over the playground of our field. Of course we talked to the boy and told him that we never had to strike a woman and let him go out of the program with the promise to come back to the next year if we notice a noticeable improvement. We felt that you needed the program and the contact with strong male models. The player had to take part in all the practice and games and watch, not play. We convinced the parents of the girl who had been beaten up to not file any formal charges. Beleive or not, the "grandpa" striking players argued for the kids and said that she had "first" pushed her. It is sick, the poor kid has no father in the house, and a "grandfather" who thinks it's okay to hit the girls in her face. No wonder her daughter has no man in the house. I wanted to mock the grandfather's face but I thought it would not be the right message for the boy either. We really did work this kid, but I feel very likely that this player will become a woman / abuser when she is older and has a very unpleasant family life. Until her granddaughter came back, her grandfather was not called to rehearse.

I never let women play in the youth football program. I do not want our football players to be included with the experience and the memories when our booby line zone knocked the fills of a girl who was holding her head, blowing bubbles and tears on her face

. It feeds. In our rural program there was no female football. Omaha had some of our moms and tried to sign their daughters for football. After the first disappointment came to an end and told the mother why we think in the long run that women do not play, the moms were very supportive. I only think of a case when the mother did not "get it" and pulled out her son from the program because we did not let her daughter be hurt by our team. I still see him today, with the three children of a mother who needed the program who refused to listen to the cause. This mother has two missing teeth, probably from the same cycle we tried to break.

Today we play football and we even wrestle between boys and girls, what's the next boxing game? or the final fight? Where do we draw the line? If the gilrs are as good as the boys in football, why not boxing? Why do not you wrestle? Why not Ultimatre Fighting?

There are some who do not care about the long-term consequences of both parties, only their selfish desire to have their children is excellent, regardless of their costs. That poor girl has it.

Let's draw the line in the fight against football

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