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Interactive wall ideas for kids

"Do not write on the wall!"

Well, why not? Children's entertainment, be it a small bedroom, home daytime games, or just a place where grandchildren can hang, stimulate imagination and creativity. And yes, this can even write on the walls!

However, before you put a child with a boxed pencil, you can find some ideas here:

1. Sheet Paint – The things they do with paint now! Yes, if you have a few hours of freedom, you can create a bare wall at your home on a board so that children can create, delete and create more …

2. Alternative to Wallpaper Paint – If you do not feel the painting, but it is still like a board, you can add the shell and glued boards. For ideas, look at WallCandy® Arts – create standard rectangular boards and other shapes, including circles and jungles (yes, elephants, giraffes, even hippies)

. Dry wiping boards – If your children are a little older and you feel "securely" entrusted with markers, consider installing a dry wiping card. Create, delete, and create more – this time without chalk dust

4. Magnetic Paint – There are more than one way to add an interactive element to the bare walls and the magnetic paint is another imaginative alternative. Unfortunately, the most common refrigeration magnets do not work well with magnetic paint. Use a flexible rubber pad magnet. Kids can even make their own magnetic forms after a quick trip to the hobby shop. Also, if you can not decide between the boards and the magnetic paint, see Magnamagic (TM), one of the most popular magnesium paint manufacturer, for magnetic insert ink

. Layer Walls – Striking signs are popular among young children and kindergartens and it is easy to create yourself. Use an adhesive tape, place a large piece of felt or flannel on the thin plate and secure it securely to the wall. You can then purchase the prepared mosquito shapes, or if you feel smarter, make your own.

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