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The Ultimate Guide chooses the lawnmower

The most important guide to choosing a lawn mower.

Choosing a lawn bowl is a very personal thing, and a number of factors need to be considered when choosing a bowl. There are currently more than 30 different models available in the United Kingdom, each with a different pre-tension in eight sizes (00-6), four in weight (medium, medium heavy, heavy and extremely heavy) with at least six different handles, not to mention the huge colors. Sometimes it is not surprising that the number of bowlers who are playing badly or are lost before they are started are significant.

Hopefully I'll find some below if not all of your questions will allow you to make informed choices about which bowl kit best suits.


Honestly, brand is the least important factor in making bowls. Often club players are angry at one of the defeats of the other. The truth is that dishware manufacturers produce a wide range of high quality products that meet the standards set by World Bowls, and almost every player can find the right bowl.

The most popular casinos will have a personal preference that is often created by trying different bowls, either with a club member or a local retailer. Choosing a model depends on what best suits you – either indoors or outdoors or wanting a bowl for faster covered vegetables.

In the United Kingdom, there are several grass-roots producers. The models are shown in parentheses.

• Henselite (Dreamline, Tiger II, Classic II, Tiger, Classic) Fineline, Professional, Jazz
• Taylor Bowls (Lazer, Vector VS, Blaze, Ace, International, Legacy SL, Lignoid) • Almark (Sterling Gold, Sterling Slim-Line, Arrow)


The size of the bowl is perhaps the most important aspect of choosing a lawnmower. It's a mistake and you can hit the opposite bank attack or you can throw it under your feet. As a guide, most men will play 3 to 5 bowls and 3 smaller bowls. Ladies usually play with bowls of sizes between 00 and 2, again with 00 being the smaller one.

The most popular way to determine which size is best for you is to hold both hands around the running surface with your middle fingers and thumb (the smooth area in the center of the tray, so your thumb is the bowl and your middle fingers they meet on the top to form a circle

But I'd suggest trying one or two other methods to keep the right size and two more bowls – one under the size and the other over its size. keep it in a row holding it as it is delivered – it is comfortable sitting in your hand (depending on your preference) and your fingers in the grips – throwing your arm forward and back if you feel that the bowl is falling down, it is obviously too big to keep you can have a definite and comfortable catch, this is even a tick in the box.

Finally, please from the table the str pulls their arms upside down, and if the arm starts to hurt or shake in 30 seconds, it's probably too big for you. However, if you hold firm and comfortable, it confirms that this is more than likely the right size bowl for you. You may try the same routines with the following size to avoid too small bowls, always play the largest and most difficult bowl, conveniently transport and control them.


There are usually two weights – medium and heavy – although some manufacturers offer medium weight and extremely difficult solutions. The bow weight is indicated by the number and the letter on the side of the tray, ie the three bowls of 3H are large in weight, and 2M are of medium weight in two sizes. In the United Kingdom, many boxers have two sets – a heavyweight set for faster interior surfaces and a slim weight for slower outdoor greens.

Weight difference should be considered along the size of the bowl during the match. The heavier bowl certainly has the benefits of having a greater momentum and is more likely to be on your head. If it is convenient for the bowler to hold and deliver, I would always recommend buying a heavier bowl, no matter what size you choose.

Indoor or Outdoor?

If you play mainly in a closed game, I would suggest that a bowl with a narrator bias such as Taylor Lazer, Vector VS or Blaze, Henselite Classic II or Tiger Pro or Drakes Pride Fineline or Advantage I recommend. Otherwise, you can find the end of the tip of the next track to bring the bowl back to its head.

Without being a self-confident bowler, you'd prefer a greater predicament or game at the back end, in this case a Taylor Ace or International, Henselite Tiger or Tiger II or Drakes Pride Professional or Jazz.

If you can do your breed and enjoy summer British summer enjoyment, distortion of the bowl is less important unless you play the third number or skip when you have to negotiate other bowls.


Choosing bias on the podium depends largely on whether you are an indoor or outdoor bowler, and which position you play in pairs, three or four (track). If you are mostly in a closed game, I would suggest suggesting a tight resistance. But if you're outdoors, wider bias will probably suit your needs.

If you're just starting to play, I'd suggest you launch a narrow or medium damping bowl, as you probably want to play in the first or two where your primary task is to get closer to the connector. Playing in these positions gives you the opportunity to find your line and weight.

Slim and medium distorted bowls (the best for indoor use) are:

• Taylor Plates (Lazer, Vector VS, Blaze, Ace)
• Henselite (Dreamline, Tiger II, Classic II) • Drakes Pride (Advantage, Fineline, Professional)
• Almar (Arrow, Sterling Slimline)

SL, Lignoid)
• Henselite (Classic II, Classical, Tiger) Jazz)
• Almark (Sterling Slimline, Sterling Gold) has a very narrow distortion while the outdoor bowl is usually too wide for indoor use and difficult to control. When I say that indoor bowls do not refer to a short dish, using the indoor or outdoor bowls can be removed in a short mattress game, but there are bowls specifically designed for this game format – Stevens and Drakes Pride are better to know.

If you search Google Images using the taylor-bias chart, the henselite bias chart, the drakes pride distortion diagram, and the almark bias chart, you can find a chart that illustrates the bias of the bowls used by the manufacturer (bowls lines) A ​​wide selection of bowls.


Grips are the hinged rings or indents on the side of the plate, which give place to the thumb and sleeves somewhere in the shipment. They provide safer adhesion and better control, especially in cold, wet or hot, sweaty conditions. If the bowl is closed, then the grip is less important.

Depending on the manufacturer and the model, there are different types of handles (deep dense, shallow dimples, spherical grooves, grooved grooves, vertical grooves), so I suggest you try the bowls with different handles before making a decision. Again, if you belong to a club, ask your other members whether there is a roll with the bowls to better understand what is more comfortable and fit for bowling.


Originally, each bowl was made of hard lignum wood and was brown in color. When composing bowls were introduced, they were always black. Today, bowls are available in nearly 50 colors, shades and samples, and although they are a bit more expensive, the price drop is narrowed. The color of the bowls is a purely personal choice.


The new set of bowls will be between 160 and 230 pounds, so if the customer is not sure they know what they want, we always recommend that beginners buy a used stock of £ 30 and £ 120. They can often be purchased at the club billboard, some retailers, or watch Ebay where there is always a healthy set of used used bowls. As long as no more than 15 years old (the oval or rectangular stamp on the side of the tray – the manufacturer's 10-year guarantee stamp) can be identified and can not cause serious injury (eg minor scratches do not affect performance) to their intended purpose. And if you rarely decide to change the bowl, a used inventory will only lose a fraction of its original cost when it comes to sale.

With bowls that I always suggest on the market to get advice from a retailer of special bowls and if possible ask if you will be able to try the model you want to buy. Sometimes bowls within the interior arenas hold samples that can be tried.

Finally, choosing any bowl will only be as good as the player. Plates can be the most enjoyable or frustrating game. One day the opposition is served out of green and the other will not be blocked from the platform. This can be just as angry as reward.

Most of the game is about any form of consistency. I can not recommend it enough to make the exercise perfect, regardless of whether it is playing with one or another player. But this one more time.

I hope you found this guide useful. If so, please recommend it to other known bowlers. Whatever the shape of the game you choose to play and which bowl you choose to buy, I hope you enjoy not only the game but also the friendships and the vibrant social scene.

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