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What are the main functions of male tests?

Men are always weird to know how to boost their libido or increase their sexual performance. But they are least worried about knowing the genitals and how they work. In this article, I can get acquainted with the basic information and functions of male balloons or balloons.

Male genital organs are a rather complicated form of a reproductive system. Pigs are produced, stored and released at the time of ejaculation into the female vagina. Therefore, reproduction is the result of the combination of sperm and oocyte.

The boys' organization of the two testes or testicles were lying next to each other in a bag called the scrotum, behind the penis in a relaxed state. The caterpillar is oval shaped and is about one inches long and inches wide, with two different functions. These are work packages that contain minimal tubules in which sperm cells and sperm are formed and released. The internal secretion of sex hormones that produces a sexual impulse and causes human-relevant male characteristics and plays a role in maintaining the normal functioning of the body's other secretive glands. In the event that this function deteriorates before puberty, the individual's development is severely altered in form, temperament, and impulses. Because it is absorbed directly into the blood, these secrets are called internal secretion.

Seminars in semen vesicles are vital elements of semen, as these sperm can fertilize the eggs of a woman to create a new life. These highly vitalized cells consist of head, neck and long tail. This head contains the core that transmits the inherent properties of an individual. With the power of independent motion, these sperms bring the secret of fluid into which their dangers float with a floating rate of approximately its own length per second. Once the sperm is released, one or more hours are needed to allow sperm to enter the tube where the egg is fertilized. When the released female egg meets a male sperm or sperm, it penetrates the cell wall of the egg, in a complex rearrangement of the elements of both cells. In a single male orgasm, about 200 to 500 million sperm are depleted, only one able to reach the cell wall. The remainder of the sperm is dispensed with the rest of the physiological process. The sperm develops slowly and is continuously released in the testicles.

Is suffering from low serum?

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