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How can mobile apps help develop business sales leads?

These mobile applications can be found on all smartphones such as iPhone, Apple, Blackberry phones, Samsung Galaxy, and iPods, iPads and Tablets. There are basically three platforms on which these applications are integrated. One for Apple devices – iPod, iPhone and iPad users. The second platform is provided by Google to Android devices, such as Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets. The third platform is included in the Amazon Kindle Fire and other phones in .NET for Windows Mobile applications.

The latest information graphics released by Microsoft Tag show that more than 1 billion of the world's 4 billion mobile phones are smartphones and 3 billion SMS are enabled (oddly, 950 million mobile phones still do not have SMS capability). In 2014, mobile internet usage will surpass desktop Internet usage, and in 2011; More than 50% of "local" searches are made from mobile devices. With more than 500,000 applications and dozens of applications doubled every six months in the iTunes Store, Apple's share of the smartphone is the largest. Nearly half of the smartphone market is 47.4%, and Android is the fastest growing mobile platform. Approximately 265 new batches are added to the daily Windows Marketplace and will be uploaded to the store in just 40 days with 10,000 applications. Microsoft's application store has a clear impetus.

Helps manage customer relationships. Using your mobile app, you can help build relationships with your customers, create loyalty that will encourage repeat business and will be successful for your business.

You can help strengthen your brand. Mobile apps would greatly improve social networking strategies. Mobile applications will increase customer base. It is constantly available to users and increases their visibility in the market.

Applications can increase exposure and allow contact with on-the-go clients. Applications help increase accessibility. Apps will be able to interact with customers every day of the week through offline mode and applications. In addition, applications can always be seen on the home screen of the phone, and take only one second to launch an application.

The app world is growing and with such unbelievable growth can not expect this field to remain unnoticed. Now you have the chance to be part of the application economy, which is definitely not just an area of ​​attention, but also an important and necessary business in the world.

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