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How to install Skype on your smartphone?

Skype is becoming more popular in video calls for loved ones and even makes cheaper, long distance phone calls to anyone you've met around the world. Do you think how to install Skype on your smartphone? You may be a mother or a father who travels a lot and wants to see their families every day as you talk to them. Maybe you have a son or daughter who serves overseas. Skype can simultaneously allow and chat with videos.

Using this tutorial, you can learn how to install Skype on your smartphone using the Android operating system, Android Market, and Google Play. 6 simple steps to install Skype on your Android phone

1. Step: Find the Google Play or Market widget icon on your smartphone. Google has recently moved from Android Market to the entire Google Play site, which includes books, music, movies, and Android apps.

2nd Step 6: If you find the icon, it will open and Google will show all of your applications, books, movies, and music. You must have a magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the screen. Click on it and a search text box opens. You can search for any Android app here. To use this tutorial, type "skype" into the text area. After you see "skype" in the drop-down area, tap and drops to the download area. There will be several different options, such as "Skype-Free Video Call" and "Direct Dial with Skype". Others will have music and book settings, so select the "Skype-Free Video Call" option.

3rd Step: The following window provides detailed information about the application; screenshots, downloads, user reviews, full reviews, and developer websites. That's all good information. In the upper right corner of the window, click on a "download" button. Look? Touch it now.

4th Step #: Before you accept and download the app, Google will have to decide what permissions you need for this phone. For Skype, you are requesting permission from storage problems, your location, system devices, and so on. There are some applications for which you do not want to provide these permissions. Skype, however, knows it is a reliable source and application, which means you can safely hit the "Accept and Download" button.

5th Step: After you've reached "Accept & Download", your Android smartphone and Skype app are connected! You can see the progress in the download bar. Your Android smartphone will automatically install your phone.

6th Step 3: After the download is complete, you can immediately open and start using Skype, create an account and start looking for contacts, loved ones, and interesting people! Enjoy!

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