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The most useful free Android healthcare applications

Everyone knows that staying in a form and keeping good habits is very important. In today's world it's easier than doing it. Enter Android healthcare applications. Do not get me wrong; these 10 free Android apps will not do the hard work for you, but they can help you a lot. The main purpose of most of these applications is to motivate you. Some will encourage you to run or work out, others prevent you from eating bad food and giving you some extra motivation to lose the last few pounds.

If these free Android health applications help keep you healthy or healthy, you should download and try them. Trust me when you start using the Android phone as a tool to be in better shape, it will be easier to stay motivated and feel good while we are healthy! Here are the ten most useful free Android health applications:

JogTracker 1.0.4

This useful free Android healthcare application has a very simple function – you can measure your running distance and time. Connect to Google Maps so you can track your route, so you may want to discover new areas without losing your way.


This is probably the most popular application on this list if you take all the online reviews and reviews seriously. SportyPal is best used by runners and cyclists, as it provides distance, time and different analysis of performance. If you are into aerobic exercise and want to know more about calories burned and distance traveled, this app is for you.

Buddy Runner

This is easily one of the most powerful free Android health apps for runners. It records the distance and time of running, tracks running routes, training pace and so on. You can save the data and use it as a reference for future workouts. If you share social networks, you can automatically post posts and results on Twitter and Facebook.


This training tool for runners is not just a running tool. This is a general weight loss training app as well! This is really a useful Android healthcare application for everyone who loses one or two pounds.


Another simple free Android health application, the WeightPad is exactly that name. You can add weight and keep track of progress when you try to put a few kilo on.

FatSecret Calorie Counter

This is one of the applications that I would call "simple, yet powerful," as it's just a calorie counter. It also allows you to find certain foods. nutritional facts, so you can have a very accurate record of daily dietary intake.

Lightning Error – Sleeping Clock

This is not like previous fitness applications; it helps to calm and sleep by playing comforting tones. You may sleep with relaxing sounds and have the function to awaken what you answer. If you want to move in the direction of get the most out of your relaxation time, sunbeams, and even your night's sleep, this app is worth a shot.

First Aid

This is an Android app that I would suggest to everyone with an Android phone download. This is a potentially life-saving application that provides you with the right primary tools for you in all possible situations. From CPR to ensure the rail to relieve rash, 1000 cases and illness are fully described. If you do not choose this app, look for another one to help with first aid. Who knows you will need help, and since you can tune in this application, you can get the full improvement.


This is an Android app that lists a lot of each prescription and over-the-counter medication. If you need to identify the found tablets or mix the bottles, this application can help. Or if you want to take care of someone who is taking a lot of medication and want to know more about meds then this application can do it for you. Dosing information is also available. Exactly anything she'd ever wanted to know about any drug on the market was listed.

Menstrual Calendar

This is an Android healthcare application that is of a different type. As its name suggests, it helps you to track the duration, ovulation cycle, temperature, and other information that increases the chances of your baby.

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