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Feng Shui Remedies for Horse, Goat, and Monkey Horoscope in Rabbit Year 2011

The symbolism of Feng Shui is rich in a picture of a people living in an ancient folklore and legends. This is expected, as the Chinese have a longer record than most civilizations. Many such rituals and beliefs came from the ancient practice of Feng Shui. Now let's look at how to apply these symbolic amplifiers to the horoscope of Horse, Goat, and Monkey Horoscopes in Rabbit's 2011 year.


Lucky stars are on their biography to reduce the penetration of evil stars. Anyway, you should always be aware of scandals or rumors, watching your own business, talking less, and using moral means. Keeping a lucky pendant can prevent or stop all scandals. Meanwhile, students take a big step. Behavior in Supremacy Pendant enhances the purity of intelligence and thus improves academic luck. For Business Customers, introduce a Wealth Beckon Gourd in the industry to attract wealth and attract the widest range of help. Additionally, the holder of the wisdom holder can help in utilizing the power of thinking and to bring it to the next level.


In the presence of evil stars, lucky stars can not help. There may be litigation or subsequent conflicts occurring. There are many illnesses and injuries. In addition to praying to the Grand Duke of Jupiter and the White Tiger Deity, take the Jupiter's grand-barrel barrel for safe passage and cross the dangers in disguise. During the relationship, he carries the Phoenix Pendant to enhance aura's attraction to the other sex. In addition to displaying a Solar Stars of Riches for the accumulation of fortune and litigation, you can use Windfall Earning or All In Good Time to improve your fortune and transform your misfortune into good.


There are many other lucky stars to empower you. Good misfortune brings joy and a seamless year with sailing. Sexual and wealthy exhausting stars cause massive loss of property. It is therefore important to be careful in your costs. Take a giant pendant to protect the forbidden things and bad spells. The Fortune Gem or the rich case can be portable for wealth and protection. To display the Treasure Pot, you need to set up a wealth or basalt device to avoid catastrophes and increase fortune. Place the wisdom pen holder at home to enhance analytical thinking and wisdom.

For a more detailed zodiacal prediction in 2011, take a look at 2011 annual Rabbit Chinese Horoscope to develop more detail on career, wealth, health and relationships.

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