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Scrapes up the volume! Music Relationship and Retail Sales

Most people agree that music can affect the mood. But did you realize that this could affect our behavior? You can, among other things, influence the length of your business time. In the retail environment, a lot of studies have been made about music, and all of us conclude that this is an effective tool! – Think about it if the music does not affect the buyers' mood, every shop plays the same music or not at all!

Generally, targeted buyers of older customers typically play "elevator" type of music in smaller quantities, while stores that target younger people search for higher-volume music. Correspondence to music is encouraging buyers to spend more money on the store.

Do you remember that the song "was attracted to a feeling?" Well, it really is. For example, during the Christmas period most stores play Christmas music. This will help your customers stay in Christmas euphoria throughout the month and combine them with the happy childhood memories of Christmas, the time of innocence and still with the miracle of Santa Claus, the MasterCard's miracle! … [19659002] So it seems clear that music can be used by retailers to identify their stores and influence buyers' feelings of being happy, nostalgic or loose to go away (and spend money …)

the next obvious question: What is your musical style? OK? Or do the staff dictate what they play, so this is a broken offer? Go from Jack Johnson to AC DC, or did you ever know this and watched different music at different times of the day to increase sales?

But how can we use music to increase sales? Did I hear you ask him?

Slow music encourages consumers to stay away. So slow music is a great strategy for a souvenir shop or clothing store where longer buyers are in the store, the more they buy, while fast music really speeds up customers

. If we strive to encourage the sale of French wines, research shows that playing French music dramatically increases sales. Just take a minute and think about how to use it in the retail environment?

White noise works! It's not just music, and quiet retail environments make the customers nervous, so it's psychologically resting with the little hum of white noise. It's as if a third person was present in the store and moved the emphasis from them.

Some stores that integrate their music into their brand have been associated with a record label to bring their CDs out of their musical style. Which brings a whole new idea to a lifestyle shop …! If you regularly congratulate your music, you think that you will compile a compilation album for your customers – in this technological era you do not have to pay a lot. Pottery Barn in states is so successful!

So recap, music is good at the store. But the radio is not good. Local radio is very bad (for sale), even if the owner likes the local radio station

Music influences the mood of the customers and even decides how much time they spend in the store – so let's put together the compilations I-Pods in!

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