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Facebook games run slow – here's what to do

Facebook's slow games are common. Games are often small flash-based games that you think never cause problems. However, there are some leading reasons why the internet is running slow or is generally slow.

First, make sure the software is up to date with Windows (or Microsoft) upgrade. If this is done, make sure Adobe Flash is up to date. The easiest way to enforce the latest version is to completely remove Adobe Flash, then visit Adobe's site and download the latest version. This fixes flash issues with fix issues, and most Facebook games are flash based.

If this does not solve the problem, you probably have a problem somewhere in your registry. Reinstalling Flash sometimes fixes it, but if you find some spyware or malware, you have to clean it. Think of the registry as a huge database that tells Windows where to find things. When things start slowly, it's quite possible that there are incorrect information. Improve this information.

Initially, we'll look at spyware that may have been installed. I recommend Spybot Search and Destroy. It does a good job of doing a deep scan, including malicious entries in the registry. The registry is important. After complete verification is complete, clean the entries you found, especially in the registry. This can restart or reboot if something is loaded or running. Allow me to run at the start when the crowd needs to take care of it.

Now that we've removed all the bad stuff that makes Facebook games running slow again, we want to make sure that the rest of the registry is clean. To do this you simply need to download and run the registry cleaner. This will check each key and make sure they are valid and point to the correct location. This will take care of all the things that the reinstallation or spyware scans could not fix.

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