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Songs, novices and activities for infants and toddlers

The precious little man in your life is definitely the most beautiful thing on Earth and is positively the most intelligent! Why did you speak Greek and you do not even know a foreign language?

But seriously, language is one of the first ways in which children's development is perceived by the population. Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa know that this baby is the next Baseball Hall of Famer or Albert Einstein, but the cashier in the supermarket will not know if the cute big blue-eyed infant is intelligent.

So how can you help the abc and Mary promote the language skills in rewriting a little lamb and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star?

Starting with flippers, singing with action rhymes and songs, there are many activities. Each of them explains the child's multiple purpose and age to which the activity is intended. More will be added over time as they find them.


Let's start by cuddling and touching your hands and feet.

I've got two little hands to applaud, applaud, and applause

I have two small feet that touch, tap, tap

Tap, tap, touch and tap

tap, tap

Tap, tap, tap

Clap, tap, tap

Encourage your child to "Clap" and "Tap"

The next song is sung on the melody of "The Farmer In The Dell".

Where are the piggy toes?

Where are the piggy toes?

Oh, no, where did they go,

(pantyhose pulls)

I can see the piggy toes.

Pulling socks is one of the first skills a toddler learns. Sing this song while pulling the child's socks and let your child pull them with you. Encourage your child to help sneeze while they help sing while singing the song


One of the most challenging things a toddler's child learns is how to dress. Somehow it always seems that diapers are easier to reach than the shoes go on.

Encourage your child to exercise motor skills and begin to recognize the opposites by giving him a hat that easily fits on his head. Put on the hat and remove it: Six hats, caps, caps, hats like him.


Sing to the following: "

Knees and Toes,

Knees and Toes

Eyes and Eyes

Eyes and Eyes


Mouth and nose

Mouth and nose

Your child touches each part of the body as he sings, then repeat the song that names the various parts of the body

Recognizing that physical education is an object still there , though it is not visible, is a major landmark for toddlers, often playing with your children and playing games where an object is hidden with blankets, scarves or ribbons or within another object

MOTORCYCLES TO THE INGREDIENTS: [19659002] Tell the following rhymes with your toddler kneeling. Move your knees and your baby up and down following the song.

Marching, marching, [19659002] Going Good

Marching march,

Good and slow

Marching, marching,

Through the city

Let your child stand and lean high and bend low or high ascend or descend while reading the poem. 19659002] FOR MOTORCYCLES, MESSAGE AND TESTING FOR SUPPLIERS:

There is also a need for the development of a large motorcycle. Sing the next song for the melodies of "The Farmer In The Dell" and let your baby unbutton and move as they move both to the song. Place the various parts of the body and actions

Shake your arms this way,

Shake your arms like this,

Shut your hand and turn it over,


This is a great job if you are super busy, but your child takes your attention. It is also a great thing to do in the transitional times, for example. After lunch, after the standby, after the playing time is ready to go to the store and other difficult times when you just have to do something other than your hips.

Tell the next steps, first moves slowly and quickly. The kids will laugh and get rid of some things to do.

Clap, applaud, clap your hands as slowly as you can.

Clap, applaud, tap hands as fast as you can

Smooth, rub, rub your hand as slowly as you can.

Smooth, rub, rub your hand as fast as you can.

Roll your hands …

Take your fingers. (sometimes accidentally flipping my ribs on my ribs!)

Twidd your thumbs …

Shaking your feet …

Take your body …

Eyebrows … [19659002] With your knees …

Blinking Your Eyes …


Poetry is clearly a nice way to introduce children with new words and language proficiency. Here are a few verses that you can learn not only a lot of entertaining words, but also act!


Frogs jumping

Bugs jiggle

Worms wiggle

Bugs jiggle

Dogs jumping

Dogs jumping

Snakes skidding

I'm leaving!



Whiskey whimsical,

Hipperty hop,

Up to

To the top of trees!

Perfectly twirly,

Round and round,

On the floor

Furly, curly,

What tail,

19659002] Wide sail,

In the shell

Nice, cracked,

The fallen,


Thinking skills and self-concept FOR POLLUTANTS:

Counting repeatedly for toddlers takes advancing skills. Point your child to the ears, eyes, hands, feet, feet, knees, faces, elbows, thumbs, toes or corners, and report to one, one, two, one, two, one, two. All 5 fingers or toes.


The next rhyme is popular with all ages of children

The garden is a round mice. (Hold the child's hand with your palm, fingering your fingers in the palm of your hand very easily.)

Up, up, scanning (tap your child's arm on the wrist, inside the elbows and the upper arm up.)

house! (Weak the child's armpits in HOUSE!) This is almost guaranteed to be yours and your child's favorite.

Fun TICKLY KNEE Activity:

My childhood day has loved me all this time over the years. It is very simple for those who do not remember well things are great in readiness for every child. Just tickle the child's knees above and beyond the knees while saying the following and almost 100% guarantees that the delight will follow and keep pleading to MORE and NEXT!

Hot knees, keen knees, if you laugh, you do not love me!


Tune-The Mulberry Bush

Go To The Pumpkin Patch (Skip The Whole Poem)

So Early Morning

** The substitute applause, flying, waving, winking, etc.


1. Fly Like a Bat

2. Stomp Like a Monster

3. Walking Like a Skeleton

4. Hop Like a Bunny

5. It's like a cat.

6th Dance Like Ballet

7. Roll Like a Pumpkin …

Five Small Pumps:

Five Small Pumpkins Sitting at the Gate

One Fallen And Broke His Plate

Four Little Pumpkins Sitting On The Gate [19659002] One Fall And Lost the skate

Three small pumpkins were sitting at a gate

One fell down and lost weight

Two small pumpkins were sitting in the gate. "Do not delay!" The most frightful pump sitting on a gate.

He wrote and said, "There is no more pumpkins sitting in the gate!"


The first little owl is big, with round eyes. (Show one at a time.)

The second small owl is very small.

The third little owl can turn his head

The fourth little owl likes mice, he said. ] The fifth little owl walked in, and his wings gave a little sound.


Spring is old-fashioned, budding, floral.

Summer is jolly, broken, poppy.

The dark, sneezing, frosty winter

Winter is slippery, dripping, shaggy


MUD verse:

Mud feels very good toes!

I'm smelling no yellow roses

No one's like a rosebot

What a nice mud you can feel your toes

Polly Chase Boyden [19659002] Thunder Finger Play:

Thunder crashes. (Clap hands.)

Lightning flashes. (Move your hands with zigzag motion.)

Rain rains. (Flutter fingers.)

So I can blow it. (Jump.)

Fun, new words, even if they are not real, is a great way to get a toddler or toddler into other voices. The sooner the child is exposed to the voices of different languages, the easier it is to pick them up and learn them better. Here are some fun poems with dumb words you can share with your kids:


Cows are the most monstrous as moo

chooses and he chooses to moo

he chews how to chew

and he decides to chew as he masks.

If she chooses moo to have fun

or moo just moo as she chooses.

If he chooses to chew if he can chew or chew, just chew while flailing. Jack Prelutsky

And a fool to an older child, Eletelephony:

Once an elephant,

Who wanted to use the phone –

No! no! I mean a phone number

who tried to use the phone – (19659002) (My dear, I'm not sure I still understand it well.)

Howe was this

The more he tried to get rid of

The more the telephee ponded –

(I'm afraid I'm going to drop the song

the elephop and the telephong!)

Songs and fingerprints are so entertaining and a lot of affiliation with the child and his parents, grandparents and other carers.

Additional songs, poetry and fingerplays this guide over time as they pass through them and as I have time. Thank you for seeing it and make sure that one of your favorites for easy reference!

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