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To save battery life on your Android device

Android is a powerful tool, but powerful performance means great performance. In other words, the more you use the device, the faster it drains the battery, and the batteries are quickly dropped on Android devices. This means you have to proactively handle the battery or find yourself without a phone until you find the charger. Here are some tips to keep battery life as low as possible

Turn Wi-Fi off

Most Android devices have Wi-Fi radio so you can take advantage of the fast internet speed when using a Wi-Fi network. Unfortunately, Wi-Fi has its disadvantages. This is an unsecure connection, so you can not access certain services unless you turn it off. But it drains the battery most immediately, even if the phone is in standby mode. To avoid this, turn on Wi-Fi only when you need extra speed. Also, avoid applications that automatically detect Wi-Fi signals.

Reduce the Brightness of the Screen

It requires a lot of energy to light up the screen and the brighter the amount of battery it drains. One of the best ways to reduce battery usage is to reduce the brightness of your screen, unless you need it. If you're watching a video, you should use full brightness, but if you only use messaging with other non-graphical applications, you can lower the brightness with a lower setting

Define apps that automatically check for updates [19659003] Android provides a perfect environment for community networks. Facebook and Twitter services are fun and easy to use through Android applications. The disadvantage is that if you want to receive regular updates from your friends, you'll need to update the app automatically. The more often you access your device to the network, the more batteries will flow. Therefore, it is important to go to the Settings screen of each application and make sure it does not check the updates too often. After an hour, the battery will be charged all day long. Only manually updating apps is best for battery life

You only have access to the network if you need them

Even if you have limited apps that automatically control the internet, Android is still active and checks the time most of it. This is why he would see a major discharge even if the phone was idle for hours in his pocket. The application that appears on the JuiceDefender market will help. Notify you if you are not actively monitoring the network and automatically disconnects. If you are active again, it will turn on again. This app is free on Android Market.

Warning of Assassinations

Android Market includes many applications that require battery life to be used to close unused applications. This may be useful, but because of the way Android is programmed, these applications do not provide much help. Standby applications that do not control the internet for updates typically do not charge the battery, so job killers mean that an additional application is open and active. This charges more on battery than standby, unused applications.

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